What does Fly.Biz mean?

Fly.Biz = Fly Your Business

Mission to help readers push their limits and grow in Business as fast as Possible.

Howdy, Welcome!

I am Danish Wadhwa – Founder & CEO here at Fly.Biz.

If you are reading this,  the chances are that you love Fly.Biz or interested to know more about it.

Idea Behind Fly.Biz

I got an idea of starting Fly.Biz when I was about to start my 2nd venture on Digital Marketing. I started a Web Hosting company in 2011 and sold it in 2015. In this ~4 years of my journey of entrepreneurship, the biggest challenge I faced was not able to deliver things up to my expectations, and the biggest culprit for this found is Poor Time Management.

If you want to know another side of me, you can check it here.

I decided to hack my life and master my time reading my favorite blog LifeHack.org and now is the time they have mentioned us on their blog.

Along the journey of learning, I decided to help people on same, and build a team of Hackers (Productivity Hackers) here at Fly.Biz.

Why Fly.Biz

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you are at right place. 

  • How can I stay Productive in my Life?
  • How do I more in less time?
  • How can I Hack my Life to achieve extraordinarily?
  • How can I achieve more in personal & professional life?
  • How can I take control of my never-ending to-do list?
  • How can I get more time to spend with my family?
  • How I can become less stressful and Happier?
  • How should I stay Motivated at work?
  • Which tools I Should use, that shaves my time?

Fly.Biz Team

We believe that smart people (yes, that includes you) who want to become more successful need to be able to take control of their own time and schedule.

The team at Fly.Biz brings latest hacks to do more work in less time i.e. increase productivity using Hacks and Tools like GSuite.

Danish Wadhwa
Founder & Author

Harsha Goel


Our Inspirational Interviews sessions with Achievers makes you understand the time management hacks the successful people follow.

You can also join hands with 50+ guest writers at Fly.Biz and make people become their best.

Fly.Biz has changed life

After a lot of research and interacting with tons of people, we found there is a big gap in achieving optimum productivity level. So our researchers keep on the search for new ways and products which help increase productivity at work.

With this, we have launched Fly.Biz Shop where we have a variety of product like Motivational Posters, Mugs, Laptop Stickers and Sticky Notes as of now. Coming up with much new productivity stuff like Flash Books, Wall Calendars, Saplings, etc.

About Danish Wadhwa (That’s me)

As you probably know by now, my name is Danish, and I live in Beautiful City Chandigarh in India.

I am a very simple guy who comes from a very humble family and loves to simplify complex problems. Undoubtedly I am the mind behind Fly.Biz!

I completed my primary education at ST. Xavier in 2006 and received my degree in Engineering from Lovely Professional University in 2010, after completing my MBA in 2012 I plunged full time into an Indian Startup ecosystem and started a Web Hosting Company which was bought by Australian Investors in October 2015.

The biggest reason for the success of my last venture was Blogging and now have taken in a way that I am a full-time blogger. All my current experiments have a face of Blogging in front, and all the products and sales pitch is hidden for indirect selling which is called Content Marketing 🙂

 I am a Hustler!

I have been hustling now for six years in a row doing my own business and consulting large companies on Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

I am a Risk Taker!

I jumped into the startup world direct from college, where my colleagues and friends went for a high paying job in big corporates. It was odd for my family; still, I decided to go behind mine dreams.

Money Screwed me!

I was screwed by money when I sold my Web Hosting company and Now decided to help and mentor people rather than focusing my desire for money. This deed of mine is eventually helping me earn more 🙂

One thing which i forgot to tell you about, when I am not working 14 hours a day & 6 days a week, that means my house is on fire.