10 Best Reading Apps to Read Ebooks Online

When you get disappointed, when you feel sad, when you don’t like anyone’s company, there is only one thing that cheers you up. You know what? It is an excellent book. Here in this post, we will suggest you 10 best reading apps to read e-books online.

Yeah, you might have heard multiple times that books are the best friends. If you love reading books, I am sure you can relate to this.

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As the technology gets advanced, the process of reading took new forms. You can store millions of books on your phone or tablet. And, you can read them as per your convenience.That’s why I have collected a list of ten best reading apps for almost all platforms. You can find them below.

Best Reading Apps to Read Ebooks Online

I have handpicked every item in this post. So, you won’t get disappointed by any of them.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. FB Reader

If you ask me for my favorite ebook reading app, I won’t think twice to say FB Reader. Yeah, I have been using the app for quite a while now. It hasn’t raised any issues until now.

You can download FB Reader for any platform; be it Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux or even Blackberry. The interface is clutter-free and offers an exclusive night mode feature to lower the strain when you read in darkness.

FB Reader can open any ebook you download from the web. Moreover, you can browse for more titles from its network library as well.

Download FB Reader

#2. Calibre

Do you have a collection of ebooks? Have you ever felt the need for organizing them to reduce the clutter?

If you say yes, Calibre is what you need. More than a little ebook reading app, it is library management software. You can organize all your ebooks in any way you want.

Of course, it has an ebook reader. But you may not find it as elegant and feature-rich as dedicated apps.

Download Calibre

#3. Amazon Kindle

I am sure you have heard this at least once. You know there are tons of ebooks available on Amazon.

When you buy them, what Amazon does is sending the same to your Kindle account so that, you can read it. You need Kindle app to read books from Amazon.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. In case you don’t want to buy books, browse through freely available titles.

Download Kindle

 #4. iBooks

Are you an iOS user? Then you have this application on your device. Apple ships all their mobile devices with iBooks on it.

The elegant interface is what makes iBooks an attractive ebook reading app. You can switch between day and night modes according to the ambiance.

In any case, you don’t find iBooks on your device; you can use the following link to download it.

Download iBooks

#5. Oodles Free Ebook Reader

Most of the reading apps want you to download ebook files from the web. What if I give you a readymade package of 5000+ books?

Yeah, Oodles Ebook Reader includes more than 5000 books for you to explore. In case you don’t like planting your eyes onto a screen for a long time, you can make use of the impressive set of audio books they offer.

Unfortunately, it is only available for Android.

Download Oodles

#6. Kobo

In any case, you don’t like iBooks that you want an exclusive ebook reader for your iDevice; you should go for Kobo without hesitation.

They want you to register on their website first. Once you do the same, you can get their free catalog of books.

Don’t worry! You shouldn’t pay anything. The app is completely free.

Download Kobo

#7. Nook

Next up in this list of best reading apps is Nook. You can download it on mobile, no matter what the platform is. They have developed the app for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS as well.

There are millions of books you can find using Nook. Moreover, it fetches you articles from the web too. The clean and clutter-free interface ease your reading sessions.

Download Nook

#8. Aldiko

Unfortunately, Aldiko is only available for Android. You can download the app for free of cost from the Play Store.

If you like to bring reading to the next level, you can purchase the premium version. The interface (not just the text screen) is feature rich. What you get is a virtual bookshelf.

Can’t find time for reading? Try waking up early in the morning. You will have a lot more time.

Download Aldiko

#9. Audible

Some of you may not like virtual reading as it needs you to stare at the screen for long times. What do you feel about audio books?

You can plug in a pair of head/earphones to listen to your favorite books. If you like it, you must sign up for Audible.

Though Audible is a paid service, you can try it free for the first month.

Visit Audible

#10. WattPad

Almost all apps I have shared here help you find already published books only. What if you want to check out the sprouting talents in writing?

WattPad is a platform where new authors join hands to share their works. You can read and comment on each story.

Download WattPad

Wrapping Up

So, you have got a list of ten best ebook reading apps.

What do you think? Have you used any of them? Which one is your favorite?

Don’t forget to scribble your thoughts down in the comment section.

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