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Bulk Promotional SMS in India : Reaching Millions In One Go

Do you own a business? Do you want to expand its reach by promoting it to the masses?

Well, Bulk Promotional SMS in India is the best and affordable way of promoting your startup and making them reach to millions in one go.

Bulk SMS is a method of broadcasting promotional and advertisement text messages to a large audience at the same time.

It helps to get new customers and clients within a short period which increases the sales, profit, and revenue of businesses.

Why Bulk SMS?

Are you tired of handing out paper leaflets and searching your organization’s name in the newspaper ads?

Bulk promotional SMS in India is a tried and tested solution which is being used by businesses all over the world.

As the competition is continuously increasing, bulk SMS services give an opportunity to stand out from others in a cheaper and affordable way.

It is one of the most reliable methods of communication with your customers and clients to inform them about your new product or services.

According to a study, more than 18.92 text messages were sent every month by the GSM users of India in the second quarter of 2018.

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Most of the people prefer getting text messages than promotional calls as they get to know from where the message came from.

There are basically to types of SMS services:

  • Promotional SMS – These text messages are used for promoting or advertising a particular product or services. Most of the sales and marketing companies use these type of messages for the branding of their business or reach to new audience. With the help of an SMS gateway, you can send one promotional message to hundreds or thousands of consumers within seconds. However, you cannot send these type of text messages to the mobile numbers who have opted for the DND service.


  • Transactional SMS – These text messages are used to sending information or any transaction record to the registered customers. Examples of transactional messages include notifications, reminders, OTP, reports, and many more. These messages can be sent to the DND enabled mobile numbers as well.

Bulk Promotional SMS Service providers in India

You don’t need any smartphone, mobile device or any other external device to send text messages.

All you need to do is contact a bulk promotional SMS service provider in India. They will broadcast all your text messages in just one click.

There are plenty of SMS service providers in India which offers bulk messaging, email campaigns, and notification services at lowest price. Their work is to deliver the promotional and transactional messages without any delay.

The service providers can handle SMS traffic, voice SMS, missed calls, and others efficiently.

Here are some of the points you should remember while choosing the right bulk SMS service provider in India:

  • Select the one which provides the most affordable rate with the most extensive coverage area. As there are many bulk SMS service providers in India, the prices vary to a great extent. Therefore, comparing the best ones before finalizing the appropriate service provider can save a lot of money.


  • Before getting the premium service, inquire about the different plans. You should select the plan which suits your needs and requirements.


  • Most of the bulk SMS service providers offer both pre-built and custom-built software for managing your messages. The businesses with less requirement should go for the pre-built application as it is cheaper and economical.

Working of Bulk Promotional SMS in India

As the digital landscape is continuously changing, enterprises are looking to implement different marketing systems such as bulk SMS. Both private and public sector organizations use it in promoting their product and services.

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The SMS which you receive on your mobile phone travels a very long route within a matter of a few seconds. To transmit messages from the network to the mobile device an SMS gateway is required. It is the responsibility of the SMS gateway to deliver messages efficiently without any delay.

There are primarily two types of SMS gateways:

  1. Direct to Mobile Gateway

The direct to mobile gateway has a built-in GSM to better mobile connectivity. It allows sending and receiving messages through email, webpages, and other applications directly from the SIM card of the mobile device.

It connects a local mobile network within an organization or enterprise. They handle a low volume of messages and are not widely used as an enterprise messaging solution.

2. Direct to SMS Gateway

This gateway lets you send SMS directly from webpages, tools, and software applications. It directly connects the operator’s SMS service center to the internet.

The SMS gateway provider manages all the operational work such as storing SMS, routing and forwarding the text messages into desired endpoints. Most of the SMS aggregators use this gateway to send the promotional messages to the customers.

It can handle a massive volume of text messages which makes it perfect for the enterprise messaging.

Tips for bulk promotional SMS India:

Most of the mobile users do not like getting promotional text messages; therefore it’s essential to get your marketing campaign right. In fact, only 2 percent of the customers prefer getting promotional SMS. Hence, it’s important to create content which they like.

Here are some of the tips which can help you to use bulk SMS marketing effectively:

  1. Content

The content is an essential part of any text message. It mostly depends on the type of business you have, and it’s objectives.

SMS has a limit of 160 characters; therefore you need to precise and clear on the point. Your messages should not be either too short nor too long as it loses the users interest.

You should write engaging content to grab the attention of mobile users.

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You can also use discount or coupon codes to make the offer exclusive for a particular consumer. You should use some deadline because it creates a sense of urgency which can make the consumers respond immediately.

2. Timing

Timing is an important factor which can make or break your business. For example, a restaurant might want to get customers during lunchtime, therefore they send the promotional SMS before midday.

A bar can target people at the end of the working day so that people can go out for drinks after work. However, there are some days and time when you should completely avoid sending messages.

For example, Monday are not the best days to send promotional messages as it is the first day of the working week and most people are busy in their work. Similarly, you don’t want to send messages at odd times of the day such as 3 am when most people are trying to sleep.

3. Regularity

You should not send too many promotional messages in a day nor also fewer messages in a month. The customer might get irritated if they get text messages every single hour and might unsubscribe from your service.

Likewise, if you send the messages after a long gap, then the customers might lose interest in your business and will not bother to read them.

The frequency of SMS depends upon a particular business as there is no fixed number on the number of messages you should send per day or week.

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The Final Say

Bulk SMS services are one the best way to get new customers as well as to interact and engage with existing ones.

It is the most efficient and economical way to reach millions in one go which both small as well as large corporations use it to scale their growth.

All you need to do is find the right promotional bulk SMS service in India and follow the right SMS practices to make the most out of it.

Target the right kind of people and deliver them tailored messages with proper CTAs to increase the sales and revenue of your business.


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