• How to Collect Mobile Numbers for SMS Marketing.

How to Collect Mobile Numbers for SMS Marketing.

Are you planning to launch an SMS campaign for your online business but don’t know where to get the mobile numbers?

You should not be discouraged as SMS marketing is definitely worth your effort.

According to a recent report, more than 65% of the enterprises consider SMS marketing as an effective marketing strategy because it has a response rate of 45% as compared to email marketing which has 6% response rate.

The open rate of SMS is also very high at 98% as compared to email at 20%. With such incredible numbers, no wonder most businesses are including SMS in their marketing strategy.

However, if you want to start an SMS campaign, then you need a list of mobile numbers to whom you can send the details about the latest offers and services.

But before you send the text messages, you need to be fully aware of the laws of text messaging.

Why is Purchasing Mobile Numbers a Bad Idea?

You might think that all you need to do is buy mobile numbers and start sending them promotional offers without asking the consumer.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), all the entities which are handling customer’s personal information like mobile numbers, email ids, and others must keep their data secure.

Although purchasing mobile numbers is not illegal, it’s not advised to send text messages to customers who haven’t opted into your SMS marketing campaign.

The customers should permit you to text them, but with a purchased list you would not get the necessary permission. If you sent text messages to someone who hasn’t opted in, then you might face some problems while managing your SMS campaign.

There are many repercussions of a purchased list. Instead of getting new customers, you would have a group of angry consumers who might associate your business with spam which will result in loss of respect in the market.

If you have a list of customers who aren’t interested in your product, then it’s difficult to encourage them to buy your product. Even if some of them purchased your product or services, most of them would blacklist your number.

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What is an Opted-In Customer?

An opted-in customer is someone who has given you the necessary permission to send you promotional emails or SMS. In the case of SMS, they permit by texting a specific code which is required for granting permission.

Once your customer has opted-in, you can contact them or send promotional SMS without any fear.

More than 64% of the customers have positive views of the companies that use SMS for contacting them. However, 30% of them only received texts even after opted-in for the messages.

So, you can go ahead and send promotional messages to the opted-in consumers but don’t bombard them with too many messages.

Now you would have understood that you have to get permission from the customers before sending them promotional messages, let’s know how to collect mobile numbers for SMS marketing.

How to increase your Subscriber list?

#1 Contests

Organizing contests is a great way to increase the number of opt-ins. You can provide few freebies or letting your customer win something, can help you to expand your subscriber list.


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Many enterprises keep their winning prize as an iPhone or Laptop because it’s something everybody wants. But you need to remember that most people will sign up for the prize money and once the contest gets over, they will opt-out from your marketing campaign.

Hence you should offer something related to your brand to make sure that your subscriber sticks around. For example, if you are running a marketing campaign for a retail store, you can offer discount coupons or gift cards for customers who sign up for the contest.

It helps in increasing brand loyalty and also makes sure that the new subscribers are interested in your product and not in your fancy prize.

To get the best results you need to advertise the contests across all channels including email, website, app, social media and others.

#2 Email

Email is considered one of the oldest methods of online marketing. You might have a massive list of email subscribers whom you promote your new products or services.


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So, why not get the mobile numbers of the email subscribers. If someone has already opted-in for your promotional emails, then there is a high chance that they might subscribe to your text messages.

According to a recent study, more than 66 percent of the people prefer that enterprises contact them by text over any other communication medium.

You need to make sure that the promotions are different for every channel to avoid any opt-outs. It means the promotional offer on social media should be different from the emails which should be different from the SMS, etc.

#3 Take Advantage of Mobile Website

Nowadays, more people are surfing the internet on mobile as compared to desktop or tablet. According to a recent study, more than 49 percent of people use mobile as compared to 47 percent desktop and 3.87 percent tablet users.

You need to use this opportunity to engage your visitor directly on your mobile website. Create a simple pop up to invite them to join your subscriber list.

#4 Create Excitement

You should create engaging messages so that more people subscribe to your messaging list. For example, a text message like “Type ABC to 121212 for receiving weekly newsletter” is a boring opt-in message.

You need to write something which provides value like “Type chocolate cake to 121212 to try our new dark chocolate cake every week this summer”.


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A message which does not inform what to expect from the business isn’t like to get new customers.

Similar to the other marketing channels like emails, social media, text messages need to create a sense of urgency among the customers.

By informing about the deadline to get sign-up discounts, you create an urgency which is more likely to convert. For example, “Send ABCDE to 191919 by 12-05-2019 to get 30% off on your new pair of shoes”.

#5 Personalize the Text Message

Instead of writing a general opt-in message for every customer, try personalizing it. Use personal information about your customers to make the message more engaging.


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Offer a discount on their most purchased product for signing up. If a person buys the same product, again and again, you can entice them by offering them a discount if they refer someone.

Address the customers with their name to provide a personal touch to the message. The more you make them comfortable, the more likely are they in providing their mobile numbers for receiving promotional messages.

Provide the feature of Opt-Out

You must give precise information about the opt-out option. The details must be self-explanatory so that any new user can easily understand.

For simplicity, provide a number so that a user can type “STOP” and send for not receiving the promotional messages. Once a customer opts-out you must stop sending any new messages to them.

Recently, a customer sued the pizza franchise Papa John’s for sending unwanted promotional messages. Hence, be professional and don’t send any messages to a customer who has opts-out from your marketing campaign.

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The Final Say

To collect mobile numbers for SMS marketing, you need to first know about its various laws. You should not send any unsolicited text messages to someone, even if they have subscribed to the other marketing channels. Get their concern first before sending any messages.

Once they have opt-in, then entice them with engaging texts. Send personalized messages to make them feel wanted.

You should also make sure that your customer has an option to opt-out. By following the right techniques, you can enjoy the benefits of a successful SMS marketing campaign.


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