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Ultimate Dedicated Hosting Guide

Do you want absolute control over your servers? Dedicated hosting is the solution. As its name suggests, you have the whole server to yourself. It’s your call on how many websites to be hosted on the server.

What is Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated Hosting Basically means that you website is hosted on the server that belongs only to you and no one else can use your server’s resources.

You have full control over the physical server. The dedicated server is used when your website has very high traffic and consumes lots of server resources.

Of course Dedicated Hosting comes with Big Price tag as compared to Shared Hosting.

In simple words , A dedicated server is like having your own home in which the client leases an entire own server that is not shared with anyone. The space and property is all yours.

In computer terms you have full control over the server(s) ,including choice of operating system, hardware, brand of server, RAM , disk space and software.

You can go for managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. But don’t go for unmanaged dedicated server until you don’t have good knowledge of server administration or you have tech administrator employee in your organisation.

Why choose dedicated hosting

Dedicated server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server with on-location technical support. You can customize the server as you want.

You should select a dedicated hosting if your web site requires customized options or your web site need dedicated resource due to the high amount of traffic.

Below are the some points when You should switch to Dedicated Hosting Server:

  • Increase the server performance.
  • Bring transparency in the functioning of hardware and software
  • Build redundancy into the system
  • Reduce business operation costs
  • Need More bandwidth and space
  • Scale your computing resources
  • Need More control over your web-based applications
  • Need Enhanced security

What Dedicated Hosting Offers

With dedicated server hosting, you have complete control over an entire server. Having a dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime.

You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Servers:

The managed dedicated hosting services vary with the different providers. Managed servers much more behave like a shared hosting in regards to security and software updates.

In a shared hosting, the client never has to get worked up on operating system installations, monitoring the server, applying patches and plugging security holes. The same is true for a managed server.

In most cases, managed dedicated server management refers to performing monitoring, administrative and system management tasks, or other operations requested by the client.

The managed services usually cost an additional fee. It includes server monitoring provided by a professional technician.

Some of the fully managed services include:

  • Security Audits.
  • Load Balancing.
  • Applying Patches and plugging security holes
  • Network related issues.
  • Server Rebooting
  • DDoS protection
  • Monitoring the Server
  • Hardware failures
  • DNS Configuration
  • Troubleshooting website errors.
  • Firewall setup & troubleshooting.
  • E-mail configuration.
  • Software Updations
  • Custom Apache configurations (mod_python, mod_ruby, mod_wsgi)
  • Backups and Restoration.
  • Google Apps setups and many more…

Generally with an unmanaged server there is little to no involvement from service provider.Things like installing scripts and software, troubleshooting configuration issues, setting up firewall rules, etc. are all up to the client.

Some of the managed services includes medium level of management, monitoring, updates, and a limited amount of support. Customers may perform specific tasks.

Some of the hosting providers do provide the semi-managed services too.

Some of the semi managed services include

  • Load issues or sluggishness.
  • Basic website related issues
  • Network related problems.
  • Failure of server to restart.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Troubleshooting of pre existing configurations.
  • Basic task automation
  • Basic firewall setup etc..

Note: These features mentioned above vary with the different providers.

Operating Systems for Dedicated Hosting

There are different Operating Systems such as Windows, FreeBSD, a variety of Linux distributions etc. given by the hosting providers. Your choice mainly rely on the scripting languages your site needs.

Some web hosting providers offer dedicated hosting using only one specific Operating System. Some are offering an alternative too.

PHP and HTML based websites using MySQL databases as development tools will function on any OS or mainly used Linux OS.  You are using .NET and MSSQL databases as development tools will function on Windows web server.

Server Configuration

Server Configuration plays a key role in the speed and performance of your website. If the base is not strong then we can’t except the good building. You will need to look at how much RAM and CPU is available in your server.

RAM is the most important of all these resources. RAM is also referred as storing space of your website. It has a direct impact on performance and the availability of your site.

CPU is also a key component in the choosing the dedicated server. It is responsible for scheduling tasks and allocating dedicated resources for the OS.

Commonly used administration tools

Most clients install the control panel in the dedicated server to make the dedicated hosting administration easy. The most commonly used administration tools are cPanel , Plesk and WHM.

cPanel  makes it possible to upload files to a Linux based system, create backups, install software applications and monitor hardware usage. It’s quite complete and allows a business to manage and maintain nearly all aspects of server operation.

WHM is the container for cPanel and makes it possible to protect the server against hackers, viruses and other security risks.

Plesk is the “big one” in the control panel world. It’s intended more for those customers who desire the advantages of server hosting but have high-end control needs.

Customer Support:

Last but not the least and its very important to check that do they provide 24/7/365 support or only during primary business hours? If not then there is no worth to spend the money there. If you will face any issue in midnight with your site and they takes so long to fixed it. So its advisable to test the customer support before going long with them.

Pros and cons of Dedicated Hosting

In the praise of Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated hosting provides complete root access to your servers.
  • Dedicated hosting is Ideal for large businesses.
  • Dedicated hosting gives great server performance and are Powerful.
  • Dedicated hosting provides Custom installation and configuration of software and firewall.
  • Dedicated Hosting gives Maximum Control of the server.
  • Dedicated Servers are Completely secure and Isolated.
  • Dedicated hosting provides complete root access to your servers.
  • Dedicated hosting is Ideal for large businesses.
  • Dedicated hosting gives great server performance and are Powerful.
  • Dedicated hosting provides Custom installation and configuration of software and firewall.
  • Dedicated Hosting gives Maximum Control of the server.
  • Dedicated Servers are Completely secure and Isolated.

In addition, there are other downsides to Dedicated hosting:

  • Dedicated hosting is expensive as you are the only one who is bearing the cost of the entire server.
  • Dedicated hosting requires highly technical skills set.
  • Dedicated hosting gives great server performance and are Powerful.
  • Like all computers, Dedicated server scan crash and they’re difficult to bring back online.
  • In dedicated hosting, you’re responsible for the performance.
  • Dedicated Servers are Inflexible.

Dedicated Hosting FAQs

As the name says Dedicated Hosting is the box dedicated only for your website and it is an ideal solution for Large Business with High Traffic.
No. Different hosting providers explain in differently. Dedicated hosting plans are usually described as leasing or renting the server equipments. 
You have complete root access of your server. You can run anything with your server. You have full access to customize the software and hardware Components.
A Dedicated Server is a server provided by a web host for you to rent. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs. The server is owned by the web host and you don’t have physical access to the server.

Colocation means you store your own server at a facility of a colocation provider. A colocation provider provides an internet connection to your server and allows you physical access to your own server when you need it.

There is a unknown fact that technical skills are needed to deal with dedicated hosting. But If you will go with the fully managed dedicated server. You are free from all the hassles of server management. Then your hosting provider will take care of your server delivery and management.
Yes to some extent. If company has poor power supply, poor internet connection and security etc. It can give bad affect on your server usage too.
Yes , The WHM panel provides two options for a server reboot: Forceful Server Reboot, Graceful Server Reboot. The recommended option is Graceful Reboot.
You can Access your Linux Dedicated Server in Many Ways like:
SSH – you can access your server through any SSH client using the root credentials.
cPanel – You can access and manage your server through the cPanel/WHM control panel only If you have purchased cPanel with your dedicated hosting.
Dedicated Server Control Panel – You can also perform frequent operations, such as Stopping, Starting and Restarting your server through our web-based control panel, which comes bundled with every server.
Cloud based VPS Servers are the best alternative for dedicated hosting. You can also store your own server with the colocation center. But it is  very difficult undertaking.

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