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Ideal Steps For An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are booming. They were used by about 3 billion people in 2018. The average time spent by a user on social media is about 112 minutes daily.

These figures show that social media has long arrived in society and is an integral part of our daily lives.

A suitable plan is essential in online marketing. It describes which company goals can be achieved in which way. A strategy is a well thought out plan that describes how a company in online marketing can achieve its targets.

Without a plan, measures, projects or campaigns cannot become viable. This article will show you how to derive a strategy for your online marketing in clear steps.

The online marketing strategy provides a lot of answers. Questions that every business owner asks every day – or should ask: who are our customers, today and in the future?

Where are our customers on the net?

Why should the target group buy exactly our service, our product?

How do we differentiate ourselves from others and how do we communicate this most effectively to our desired customers?

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Why use a social media marketing plan?

There are many benefits to using a plan to approach social media marketing. Often increasing awareness and prestige of the brand are in the foreground.

There are many beneficial features that underline the positive benefits of the social media marketing plan are discussed –

Increased online presence:

Be active on social media. It can succeed in giving interested people access to the product without being intrusive. The enhanced online presence is reflected in several posts that appear over the week/month.

Direct communication:

Through the direct connection with the customer, opinions can be used positively, and campaigns can be changed for the better.

Modern customer support:

If the customer has something to note on the product, it can be addressed immediately. Thus, a precarious situation often turns into a win-win relationship.

Make positive use of feedback:

Whether it’s about a product, management, support or general opinions. They can contain valuable information for further steps.

Attracting Attention:

It is far easier to make people aware of posts than simply writing via a website. Many people use social media apps for several hours every day. This customer behavior can be ideally integrated into your own marketing.

The site is important because good web design is reflected in the minds of customers. Nevertheless, social media can be a traffic magnet.

SEO for your own website:

Even if it is not one of the most relevant SEO factors, it still has to be thought of. Google notices when a social media profile is connected to a website.

Improved Decision Making:

Have your audience and followers decide. In most cases, such decision-making processes turn out to be extremely profitable for the social media marketing plan.

Tips for the effective social media marketing plan

A plan has to be effective and cost-efficient. It is quite possible to attain these objectives if a few things are kept in mind.

Target group:

So first of all the question of the right target group arises. Whether age, location or industry-specific, every detail can play a significant role.

Social medium:

Is it better to use Instagram or Facebook or Twitter? These three are the latest and most prestigious. There are many more but these are predominant.

Content photos and pictures:

Does the right industry need the right images?

Not quite. A hotel does not necessarily have to upload photos of hotel rooms. Now and then a high-quality image can provide the right variety.

Content texts:

The picture description on Instagram plays a subordinate role. However, prompting the viewer to interact may result in increased interaction. Texts play a greater role on Facebook. A campaign can look very different with a smart text than without a caption.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags make target groups easier to find. Instagram has optimized this process. Finding keywords is more comfortable than looking at other social media.

Use Stories:

Stories are current temporary posts that disappear after some time. This is an ideal tool to generate increased traffic for campaigns or trade fairs, which should attract attention in a short time, but will later fade into the background.

Stories are a stylistic device, which is increasingly used by influencers to present partner advertising, but not to perpetuate in their profile as a post.

Use markers:

Markers are links on a post or in a story. If the viewer clicks the post, he will be redirected to a page or an Instagram profile.


Take advantage of access to other industries. Maybe there will be profitable partnerships. Cooperation with co-sponsors can also be positive. The more you get noticed, the more traffic is generated and the more people you see.


Depending on the industry, a certain quality is required. This refers to both posts and followers.

When buying followers need to feel a real interest in the company. Probably some of these followers are even bots or not actually existing persons. Even if a high number of followers is prestigious, it is not at the cost of good comments and likes.


It should be consistent. That does not mean that something has to be posted every day. The communication between you and the customer has to be enough and not exuberant or excessive.


Interaction is the key to success. Even if only a few users comment on your posts, they have to be answered in the best possible way. This is reflected in customer satisfaction.


Share content from other profiles you like, or share your own content. You can also share the profile on different blogs to generate traffic. There are no limits for your creativity.

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Value addition to the brand through social media

By using social media, you create a more substantial online presence and develop relevant links for better search results.  

A strong social media strategy of your brand can help over time to achieve better results in Google search results for specific keywords as well as keyword combinations.

For example, if you are able to get rankings on the homepage through your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc., purchases will be made more through your own website than through other providers.

Social media also has an indirect influence on the development of your link popularity, the most crucial factor for your SEO.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the top three methods internet users use to exchange information.

It is good if you have listeners who are active in these social networks. For example, if a customer is a fan of your brand, he may tweet a link to your homepage at the next offer. This rapid exchange of information increases the chance of forming further incoming links.

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A healthy skepticism towards social media is still present among many business owners. But more and more of your customers use them day in and day out.

It is no longer a matter of whether companies should use social networks, but the only question asked is how to do it. Social media marketing is possible for almost any business, even on a small budget.

It’s essential to develop and track a comprehensive social media strategy that connects your social media activities with your traditional marketing. This is the only way to get positive and measurable results.


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