• How to run security scans in WHM

How to run security scans in WHM

cPanel/WHM allows you to run security scans from the control panel. While these security scans can yield false positives and miss events, the tool is a good first place to start before contacting a cPanel security specialist to assist you with your server security issues.

Security icon includes the Quick Security Scan, Security Advisor and ClamAV features which will scan your server for viruses and security weaknesses. After you find a potential security threat, these features help you with how to resolve each issue.

Follow the below steps to run the security scans:

  • Login to your WHM.
  • Go to Security Centre  Tab and then click on Security Advisor Link.
  • This interface runs a security scan on your server, and it advises you about how to resolve any security issues that it finds.
  • Scan your server: The scan automatically begins when you open the interface. A list of issues will appear in the following colors:


Color Type of Alert Description
Red Warning It shows a severe security issue. I strongly recommend that you address this issue immediately.
Yellow Possible Issue It shows an issue that is critical, and I recommend that you investigate and resolve this issues as soon as possible.
Gray Information It shows a permissions issue in which a user has an unusual level of access. I recommend that you investigate and resolve these permissions issues as soon as possible.
Green Resolved It shows that an issue has been resolved.



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