• Benefits of Online Bulk SMS

Benefits of Online Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS is a messaging service which enables businesses to send text messages in bulk,i.e., hundreds or thousands of messages to their audience quickly and efficiently.

Most of the enterprises use this to send promotional messages such as discount coupons, offers, updates, and others to their consumers.

Due to its cost-effective feature and amazing features, a large number of organizations have started including SMS in their marketing strategy. In fact, more than 65 percent of the marketers said that promotional bulk SMS marketing has been very effective for them.

Sending bulk SMS is an affordable marketing option as it saves a lot of time and capital investment. It also improves the overall conversion rate and customer relationship. All you need to do is get a reliable SMS software and send bulk text messages to your audience.

Here are the 10 Benefits of Online Promotional Bulk SMS:

  1. High Open Rate

SMS has an open rate of 98 percent which is very high as compared to the other marketing channels including the email which has an open rate of 22 percent.

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The email has different tabs for different types of messages including promotional tab, spam folder, and others. However, all the SMS are delivered at one place on your mobile phone which creates an urge to open and read the messages.

According to research, 95 percent of the SMS are read within the first three minutes of being received.

With these amazing statistics, there is no reason why you should not include SMS in your marketing strategy.

2. Speed and Flexibility

All enterprises and organizations should adapt themselves to the modern marketing methods, technologies and ever-changing market conditions.

The promotional bulk SMS marketing campaigns can be planned and delivered to the consumers within a few seconds.
According to a survey, an average consumer takes 90 seconds to respond to an SMS. On the other hand, emails are responded in 90 minutes after getting delivered.

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SMS strategies and methods are very flexible. You can change it according to the latest trends of the industry to get the best results.

If some of the SMS campaigns are not getting the expected results, you can change or optimize it in no time.

3. Low Cost & High Return On Investment

Almost all outdoor ad campaigns such as newspapers and television advertisements are very costly. Small start-ups and companies who have a low budget cannot afford to use these forms of advertisements.

On the other hand, promotional bulk SMS campaigns do not require much capital for setting up and can be started with very less money.

The return of investment in SMS marketing is also very high. For example, the food company Scotty P’s Hamburgers generated 1650% ROI with the help of promotional bulk SMS marketing.

With such low cost and high ROI, promotional bulk SMS marketing has become an important tool for any modern small sized industry.

4. Highly Targeted

Previously, the marketers used to send offline marketing messages with the hope that it will reach the target customer automatically.

But in today’s world, it’s important to create advertisement campaigns as targeted as possible to decrease the overall marketing cost and get more sales and leads.

In promotional bulk SMS marketing, the messages will be received by your existing customers or users who have permitted you to send text messages.

These factors make your campaign highly targeted which increases the conversion rates significantly.

In a recent study, it was found that selling to a new customer is twenty-five times more difficult and costly as compared to an existing customer.

5. Personalization

The text messages can be personalized according to the behaviour and demographics of individual customers and can be delivered within a couple of seconds.

You can also categorize the users depending on locations and regions of the country.

The level of personalization which text messages provide is very difficult and costly to achieve in other forms of marketing.

With promotional bulk SMS, you can personalize your campaign with no extra cost involved to get the maximum result possible.

6. High readability and click-through rate

SMS provides the best readability among its other competitors such as email, paid advertising, and others.

More than 75 percent of users prefer to receive offers and coupons details through text messages.

The SMS which you send to your customers do not have to go through various filters and delivers directly to the mobile device.

Other forms of marketing have several spam filters and ad blockers which make very difficult to deliver the messages to your customers efficiently.

The click-through rate of SMS is also very high. 19 percent of the people click on a link in a text message which is much higher as compared to the 5 percent of email and other advertising networks.

7. Instant Opt-Out

As more shortcodes are being used for opting in and out, almost every process associated with bulk SMS is done instantly.

In text messages, opt-in and out require only one step, and you also don’t have to share your personal information.

This makes the whole system very simple and smooth to function. The simplicity of SMS engages your consumers and also increases their satisfaction and trust levels.

8. Short Messages

Many enterprises find it difficult to explain the details of their product or services within the 160-character limit.

But what they don’t understand that it is a boon for them as they can cut any unnecessary information and get to the point directly.

It helps businesses to be clear and concise, and they also don’t have to write long and tedious content.

The shortcodes also create two-way communication with your audience.

9. Cool Factor & Limitless Potential

Nowadays, most of the customers do not open their emails regularly. However they use mobile phones every day, it is better to send messages instead of boring promotional emails.

You need to show your consumers that you are keeping up with the technology by sending SMS. This is a great strategy to get a head start in the battle among their advertisers.

You can also use this to create a buzz locally.

Do you know how many mobile phone users are there in India in 2019?

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The answer is more than 813 million.

Therefore, why not tap this limitless marketing gold mine to increase the sales and revenue of your business.

10. Getting Customer Feedback

In any business, it’s essential to get feedback from the customers to know whether your product or services suit their needs or not.

SMS gives you an opportunity to communicate and interact with your customers. It also helps in getting valuable information about your company so that you can improve your services or product further.

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In today’s competitive world, it’s important to interact and engage with your consumers to avoid losing them.

Promotional bulk SMS serves the purpose by informing your audience about any new services, offers, discounts, and other updates regularly.

The other and most important benefit of bulk SMS is that you don’t have to send individual text messages for each user. You can deliver messages to thousands of consumers with just one click.

You can create your own bulk SMS delivering software or get from any SMS API and gateway provider to start sending promotional bulk SMS.


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