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Learn How Can Social Media Help A Business Grow

The question many business owners like to ask is why social media marketing is required at all?

There are 11 new users on social media every second.

Is that reason enough?

Worldwide, about 48% of consumers believe that a brand with a prominent presence on social media is more relatable and trustworthy.

Depending on the company, business model and, above all, the target group, synergies arise through social media, which were previously difficult to predict.

As a business, you always have to keep your eyes open and look out for new, potential advantages which make your business stand out. Some of these have been discussed below.

1. Close Contact With Customers Increases Brand loyalty

It is no secret that customer brand loyalty has declined dramatically in recent years as supply has increased.

The customers who shop online, have the opportunity in a few clicks to get the best offer for each product. Amazon and other online shopping portals make this very easy.

Companies – or their brands – that hide behind the respective products have to be more firmly anchored in the minds of their customers.

As long as they have a real bond with them which they want to build and not just compete on the price, there needs to be no fear of losing a customer.

Social media help enormously, since you are in close contact with your customers before, during and after the purchase.

In doing so, you can not only address potential issues but stay in the minds of your own target group in the long term via cleverly placed content.

2. The Reach of Social Media is Huge

A look at the current number of users of social media across the world shows that the number of users on the respective channels is enormous.

If you are well positioned as a company, the numbers increase many times depending on your own target group.

While naysayers have been predicting the death of Facebook for many years, on the contrary, a large part of the population is present on these social media channels.

As a company, if you ask how can social media help a business grow – the challenge is to find the relevant target group for focusing on the respective platforms and to expand the reach and customer base of our own company.


3. Target Your Personal Choice Demographic

When a potential customer walks into a physical store, the local vendors usually know nothing about them. A friendly approach alone can fail often.

In social media, this looks different. Here, as a company, you have the opportunity to find, analyze and thus, customize your own communication according to the respective niche, the places where your own customers meet to talk about their own industry or their own products.

As a company, you are always on the cutting edge of the discussions and not only manage to address your own target group in a targeted manner but above all build up your own product with the help of authentic contributions.

4. Get to Know Your own Target Group

Companies that use social media not only to offload their content but also intensively engage with their target audience and the tools offered by the platforms, learn as a result, their own target audience even better.

For example, you would like to organize a raffle, but do not know precisely what your target group would be looking forward to as a reward?

In the case of women in the 22-35 age group who are interested in fashion accessories, according to the Facebook Tool, a Swarovski voucher could be just the thing. Use social media to find out more about your target audience and improve your approach.

5. The Chance to Close the Gap With the Big Competitors in the Market

A few decades ago, it was challenging for new companies to position themselves in the existing market. The corresponding barriers were high, the financial expense for advertising even higher.

As of today, financial strength alone is no longer enough to dominate social media. This is because one approaches one’s own community in a targeted manner and keeps up the exchange.

Companies that take this to heart and place their own customers at the center of their own social media strategy will be able to close the gap in the medium to long term to even their biggest competitors and increase their influence in the market via social media.

This opportunity should be used well.

6. Communication Between Companies and Customers has Changed

The days when consumers were only concerned about one-way communication, i.e., television, radio advertising have long gone.

Social media platforms give consumers the opportunity to communicate directly with the companies and to express praise, criticism and, of course, new ideas online.

And it is seen that the customers like to take this opportunity.

Companies that are blind to this reality indirectly signal to customers that they do not want to deal with them actively, their needs, and above all their criticism of their own products.

If you close yourself entirely towards social media, this approach will put you in an absolute competitive disadvantage.

7. Effective Complaint Management via Social Media

Though active complaint management via social media, companies give customers the opportunity to criticize – to respond to them via well-managed communication publicly.

A criticism that is publicly expressed and can be defused by acting fast, from a company point of view, is still better than criticism, which is not expressed at all due to a 30-minute queue in the customer hotline – and therefore leads to the corresponding customer never coming back.

8. Social Media is a Source of New Ideas

Companies that engage with their customers on a daily basis via social media are finding it easier to discover new ideas for their future campaigns.

After all, your customers tell you exactly what they want more and what they want less.

If you manage to not only perceive these things as a company but above all to implement them, you have a clear advantage over your competitors.



  1. Social Media Marketing Supports Your Own Sales Team

The more frequently a company presents content to its target group, the easier it is for potential customers to trust their own company and above all their own products/services.

Finally, good content handles all the possible questions and concerns of potential customers.

This helps the own sales team immensely since most questions are already processed up to the first customer contact in person! In this case, the respective salesperson is less concerned with removing existing barriers than actively supporting the customer in making a well-informed purchase decision.


There are plenty of good reasons why social media marketing can make sense for your own business.

Whoever seeks, usually finds one too. And so there are plenty of good ideas in connection with social media marketing that speaks in favor of a commitment of your own company in this area.

Clearly, the challenges are manifold at first. After all, it takes time to build a large community and the right amount of page likes.

Besides, in the usual case, one must first find one’s own team and be invested in ongoing content production.

However, if you manage to take this vital step, you will have a loyal community that will sustainably increase your own influence in the industry and increases your own sales figures.


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