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The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms For Your Business To Grow

Over the last decade, social media has created communities which connect people and influencers together. This is a precious opportunity for marketing your products and services.

Nearly 90% of marketers believe social media marketing has expanded the scope of their business and at least 70% claim, it has increased traffic to their sites.

Social media marketing has long been essential for a large number of companies. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and many other social media platforms compete for user attention.

The offers and features are varied. In order to reach your social media target groups as effectively as possible, you need in-depth knowledge of the user structures and functions of each platform.

The Biggest Social Network Sites to Focus on?

Which social media pages are the most popular?

The differences are substantial from country to country. The regional user structure is an important criterion to consider when planning your marketing activities. After all, it does not help you if you create an online presence in social networks whose users are mainly in countries that you cannot or do not want to reach with your products and services.

Via social media, companies with a relatively small budget can reach their target group.

Many companies have therefore firmly embedded social networks in their marketing strategy. And yet, spending time and money on every single social media channel often does not work and does not make sense at all.

But which platform is the right one for your company? This question can be answered with a counter question – on which platform does the majority of your target groups visit? Only in those social media channels, it pays to invest time and money.

If you are unsure, take a look at the competition -does the competitor post only videos on Facebook or does he also post photos on Instagram?

And how popular are these postings? The advantage of social media is that you can see at a glance whether the strategy is flopping or going fully viral, due to a post or video being shared thousands of times.

What Does Your Social Media Audience Look Like?

Which platforms you should focus on your social media marketing depends strongly on the demographics of your target group and requires a well-considered segmentation strategy. The challenge for your marketing is to spread the right message to the right audience at the right time.

For successful social media marketing, you need a differentiated picture of your existing and potential customers.

Consider your followers in the social media marketing platforms that you already use for your marketing. Determine their age structure, gender, regional distribution, and preferences.

The complex subject of social media platforms is new territory for most businesses.

We have prepared this small but comprehensive overview of social media platforms with a global reach – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit.

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Whether writing private messages, exchanging views in groups, sharing pictures, uploading videos or updating your own status – there’s nothing the social media giant Facebook cannot handle.

The all-rounder among social networks offers you the perfect opportunity to present you and/or your product with your own content or business page.

Due to the possibility to integrate different apps, competitions, newsletter subscriptions, discount offers and many other features can be added according to personal wishes without additional costs.

Facebook can be used as an app for mobile devices and also via the browser. Registration and use of Facebook are free. With a business page, paid advertising can be switched via the Ad Manager.


The social media application Instagram was originally designed to upload photos.

In the meantime, however, videos and so-called boomerangs can be permanently shared and  Instagram stories published (pictures and videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours, similar to the “snaps”).

While Instagram has been used mainly for a long time in a private environment, the network has also become a hotspot for marketing in recent years.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rely on tagging content with hashtags. There are now many trending hashtags like #love #followback #instagramers #envywear #tweegram #photooftheday

On Instagram, you usually present yourself from a personal page. It’s extremely easy to use Instagram with the computer.

The registration and use of Instagram are free for private and business users. For paid advertisements, a Facebook Business page must be linked.


Twitter is a world of 140 characters and content longer than that may not be posted here.

Despite the character limit, it is possible to share pictures, videos, and links with your followers. This network is often used by major brands for extra customer support. Examples of this are the accounts of Uber or Netflix.

Hashtags are also used on Twitter and help you find tweets on trending topics. If an enormous number of tweets are placed under a particular hashtag, this hashtag will rise in the trend. So it’s easy for you to see what is currently moving the online world.

Often TV broadcasts fall back on a hashtag, under which the Twitter community tweets to the current television program #BBCTheBriefing, #AC360, and #gameofthrones. Twitter can be used via the PC, as well as a mobile app. Registration and use of Twitter are free.


Snapchat has been around since 2011. However, only in the last few years has the platform achieved a real boost in user numbers.

The unique feature of Snapchat is the so-called “snaps.” These are short video messages that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook has now adopted the “Snapchat Principle” with the Instagram stories and integrated both on Facebook and Instagram. Registration and use of Snpachat are free. You can write and view snaps only through the app.


It is an online wall for all your links and pictures. This social network has the highest proportion of women.

As a user, you can create various pin boards after registering and can then classify the so-called “pins” there.

These can be found in the network by a search engine or otherwise be sorted in the network via the “pin-it” button. It can be pinned in the browser as well as via the app. Again, the registration is free.


The mix of blogging site and social network is owned by Verizon Media. After registering, you can easily create and design your own blog using Tumblr’s free templates.

Posts are uploaded on Tumblr similar to Twitter or displayed on your blog in chronological order.

Posts are also found here with hashtags. Again, you can register for free and use the network via the browser and the app.


Reddit sees itself as the homepage of the Internet. The network probably has earned this title, because a large part of all viral trends (photos, videos, articles or memes) attract massive attention via this platform.

Reddit’s structure is reminiscent of a classic forum structure with many thematically sorted “subreddits.” Through an up and down vote system, the contributions are sorted according to importance and relevance for the users.

As already mentioned, the registration is free. The network can be reached via the browser and an app.

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Social media marketing occupies a firm place in the marketing mix of almost all companies. A variety of platforms are aimed at different users.

Facebook should definitely be considered in your social media marketing because of its worldwide excellence in all social environments.

On the other hand, Instagram and Snapchat are mainly aimed at a young target group.

Be sure to consider the demographic differences in popularity across platforms for effective Social Media marketing.


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