The Best Social Media Marketing Techniques For Optimized Digital Marketing

Communication has a changed face every day thanks to the evolution of social networks.

To give you a little idea of the potential of social media, merely remember two things: on the one hand, one-third of the time spent on the web is devoted to social networks and instant messaging.

On the other side, 95% of adults aged 18 to 34 are likely to follow a brand on social networks, and 71% of them, once they have had a positive interaction feel encouraged to talk about it.

It has become a strategic asset that must be handled with care at all times. Whatever your activity, you must open an account on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

It’s a must because, via social networks, you can develop your reputation, retain loyalty and develop a rapport with customers

Your potential customers will be able to follow your activity, and especially they will be able to give you their opinion. This exchange between you, the owner of the company and the average customer is invaluable.

If you create a rapport, the customer will feel closer to you. It is also possible to hold open discussions with them so that they can talk to you about your products.

Even if you do not care, it will make you more sympathetic to the public because you will have taken the time to listen to those who buy.

Take the time on social networks to communicate on your project or company every day, to post pictures, to comment on the status and find more users who will follow your business page.

Significant Marketing Techniques Regarding Social Media

It has been shown in repeated studies that –

  • Internet users spend more and more time on social media
  • They want to follow their favorite brands on these media
  • They express the desire to live positive experiences with the brands they follow

Now creating engaging content for social networks is the answer for these three issues simultaneously.

With the right content, you can reach your prospects wherever they are from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn.

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You are different from the competition that does not adopt this strategy, and you build quality relationships with your prospects and your customers, so as to convert the first and retain the second.

That’s why it’s essential to produce engaging content for social networks – based on social media marketing techniques most relevant to your business.

93% of marketers in the USA use social networks as part of their business strategy.

70% of them rely on Facebook to attract new customers; 34% to generate leads on Twitter.

In other words, the social media strategy is paying off.

It remains to be known – how to create these marketing techniques that will attract the attention of your audiences and cause their commitment?

Creating content that is appealing is the best marketing technique

Before you even start your own social media content, your community is already overwhelmed.

Between the news feeds of their Facebook friends, paid advertising, hashtags in all directions and various publications from individuals and companies, your target audience does not know where to turn.

Capturing their attention is therefore difficult, and that’s where engaging content creation for social networks comes in.

You must, in short, produce content that will please your current and future customers. Content that differs from the mass of information that floods every day, likely to interest them and attract them to your business page.

How to Implement this Marketing Strategy Successfully?

  1. Start by identifying your target and segment to understand what they want and expect from you.
  2. To establish a precise editorial line, indicating which contents and messages will be published on your social accounts, and to whom.
  3. To write content that is engaging for social networks, that is to say, quality content, with high added value, that can bring real added benefit to your audiences (whether they are simple messages to information, promotional offers or more elaborate content).
  4. To vary the formats and share diversified contents, between texts, visuals, infographics, and videos. Keep in mind that an image or video is 40 times more likely to be shared than text.
  5. To respect the 80/20 rule whereby 80% of various informative contents (created by your team) are shared against 20% of promotional content. The goal here is to impose your business expertise and demonstrate your know-how to establish trust, not necessarily to sell something right away.
  6. But be careful because even before working on engaging content for social networks, you need to think about the social positioning of your business. On these platforms, speaking is generally less formatted than elsewhere and more spontaneous; it allows greater proximity with its audience. So it’s vital that you think about what you want to say to your targets, and how you want to tell them – through what tone: serious or light or informative?
  7. Depending on your audience and your marketing goals, you’ll be able to decide what kind of engaging social media content you want to create. This may include, for example, information on the life of your business, comments on news in your field, infographics to focus on essential numbers, expert opinions on a specific problem, etc.

Set up an Editorial Schedule

Once the social media marketing machine is launched – engaging content creation for social networks, dissemination, monitoring – you cannot stop it anymore.

If you pause, there is the risk of losing your community. It expects something from you above and beyond the quality of content which is a regularity.

Know that the lifespan of a post on social media is extremely short, at around 21 hours for a photo on Instagram, 14 hours for a post on Facebook and 4 hours for a tweet on Twitter.

Because your content will disappear quickly, it is necessary to replace it continuously.

A sustained pace for a few days, followed by a total absence of publications for an extended period, would have the effect of disconcerting your readers – who, of course, would go elsewhere.

A solid content publication plan will serve two purposes –

  • Allow you to manage your visibility in the short, medium and long term (you know what you have to publish and when)
  • Ensure the consistency of your content with your social positioning and your commercial news (communication around events in which you participate, launching new services, etc.)



Besides, creating engaging content for social media and streaming it at regular intervals will allow you to reach a wider audience, establish a routine and generate interest. It’s the source of loyalty.

Of course, planning tools exist to help you establish your editorial calendar and schedule your publications (such as Buffer).

They come ideally backed by a marketing automation solution for increased efficiency. However, think of leaving a little room in your schedule for more spontaneous content.

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To successfully take this step of creating engaging content for social networks, you must avoid the usual pitfalls.

Do not show inconsistencies in your communication. Your content must be in line with the DNA of your company.

A startup engaged in sustainable development that praises a Wall Street bank will not be very well seen.

Understand that a digital reputation is much easier to destroy than to build, so think many times before tweeting or posting on Facebook.

Do not ignore people who are trying to communicate with you.

90% of the messages destined for brands are ignored by them, which pushes the users to turn away from them.

If you want to build quality relationships with your audiences on social networks, you need to make sure you can respond quickly and in any case.

Finally, adapt to your audience and their habits, determining the best times of the day or week to communicate with the targeted Internet users.


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