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Top Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Needed Right Now

The spread and growth of social media over the last decade have been exponential. By the end of 2018, 83% of the US population had some sort of social media presence. In 2017, social media marketing earned an estimated $9 billion for social media platforms.

Although social media is becoming increasingly popular and allow businesses to reach millions of consumers around the world, some brands prefer to ignore them. By doing so, they deprive themselves of an exciting opportunity to achieve their goals.

If you are one of these companies, we invite you to read the rest of this article to discover how social media can help you grow your business.

1. Raise the Profile of Your Company

Social networks, just like your corporate website, are your Internet showcase. By diversifying the presence of your company, you are increasing its overall visibility.

It will be easier to find you on the Internet if you have a page or an account on social networks. As a bonus, they can allow your company to optimize its SEO on search engines.

Remember that many people are also searching social networks instead of Google. If your skin clinic or restaurant does not have a Facebook page, your potential customers will talk to your competitors.

Social media brings an increase in the awareness of your business through three levers:

  • Expanding the reach of your messages.
  • The commitment created by your messages.
  • The influence you enjoy in the communities where you participate.

This is probably one of the goals you will achieve most successfully using social media if you ask why social media marketing has gained prominence.

Create and share relevant content, build relationships with influential professionals, participate in conversations, prioritize quality over quantity, etc.

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2. Increase the traffic of your website

In the space of a few short years, social media has become a significant source of traffic for website publishers. Overall one can say that Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms that generate the most traffic. However, there are other platforms, some of which are even very specialized (vertical industries, demographic segments, etc.). This is a considerable advantage in bringing high-quality traffic.

Add social sharing buttons on your website, indicate the URL of your website on your social profiles, facilitate the subscription by including on your site links to your social profiles.

3. Improve the SEO of Your Website

Social media has opened the voice to social referencing. Today, Google increasingly personalizes search results based on content from social media.

In addition, Google uses social media indicators to determine the relevance of shared information. Finally, social referencing is even more important nowadays with the arrival of social networks like Facebook.

4. Increase the Number of Our Leads

Social media allows companies to interact with prospects, promote their content to potential customers, direct traffic to landing pages, etc.

Lead generation is useful when a prospect agrees to give you his e-mail address in exchange for relevant content or when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter etc.

Select those social network platforms where your prospects are, answer questions asked by your clients, develop informative and proper content as well as integrate social media with e-mail and other forms of marketing.

5. Improve the Amount of Sales.

Social media is also useful for selling products. Companies use social media for the virality provided by sharing good deals and discounts between fans and their network. Selling via social media is a particularly strong expectation among small businesses.

Integrate the “Like” and “Tweet” buttons on your products, focus on Twitter and Facebook, increase the number of your Twitter subscribers and the number of your Facebook fans, make videos in which your products are used.

6. Manage the E-Reputation of Your Company

Social media is essential for the purpose of digital public relations. Companies use them to listen to conversations about them, to answer questions or criticisms about them, and to build engagement with their audience while building relationships.

Do daily monitoring to identify critics and respond to them as quickly as possible, never delete criticisms if you have the opportunity, develop a crisis plan for social media, write a social media charter for your company, Train your employees on social media.




7. Reduce Your Operating Costs

Social media helps reduce the costs associated with some of your business services such as those about advertising, recruitment, customer service, and other tasks.

You can, for example, reduce the number of calls to your customer service by answering questions on social media from your customers and by your prospects.

Depending on the solutions chosen, you will also allow members of your community to answer questions and participate in discussions – under your watch.

Add an application to your Facebook page for customer relationship management, use the advanced features of LinkedIn search engines to recruit collaborators, create an advertising campaign on Facebook.

8. Bring Improvement to Your Customer Service

Some companies are uneasy about using social media to manage the customer relationship.

It is possible to explain this situation either by a misunderstanding of social media (which causes a lack of interest) or by the fear of a negative perception due to the publication of any public criticism.

Yet, social media is increasingly used by Internet users. In addition, conversations around your brand have indeed already occurred without your knowledge.

Participating strategically in these social media conversations is a competitive advantage today. It is also a possibility to display a more human aspect of the customer relationship.

Give your customers the access to a social media platform where they can ask you questions, be proactive and respond quickly to questions asked, allow your customers to share their opinion on your products (voting system and comments)

9. Test the Interest of Your Customers for New Products

Social networks are also the place to put questions to your customers. Ask your Facebook subscribers about a product or service you want to launch. Probe their interest for an idea you have in mind.

You have access to their attention, so why not take the opportunity to do a little home market research?

Not only can you feel the pulse of your customers, but you can quickly adjust to ensure that your product or service best reflects their needs.

Social networks offer the possibility of two-way communication. Thus, the company that finds itself there is able to do more than simply convey a message: it takes part in a conversation, a dialogue.

It allows you to communicate directly with your customers or prospects, to answer their questions or to inform them about your news.

This aspect has not always been found on other marketing and communication channels. This proximity offers another significant advantage.

By remaining attentive to all the comments made, it is possible to anticipate customer expectations and adopt the best strategy.

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Each social network benefits from its own advantages and targets a different audience, you or your agency to choose the most relevant according to your business strategy.

Before you start, remember that the key to the success of your advertising campaigns on social networks lies in the content and its originality.

Do not just duplicate your content on each of the chosen social networks, but personalize each message according to your target and your goals.

Since the cost of this type of campaign is lower, it is essential to focus on targeting and segmentation to make your conversion chances a reality, even if you are launching several campaigns at the same time.


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