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How Bulk SMS Service SMS API Integration Benefits Your Business

SMS API integration is a method to integrate the messaging services on your panels such as CRM tools, software, or website.

It is one of the easiest ways to deliver automated bulk messages directly from your platform and save countless hours of manual work which is immensely useful to businesses.

For example, the e-commerce and other websites have an integrated SMS API for several purposes including OTP verification, product delivery status, payment request, sending promotional offer details, and many more.

You can also send manually customized text messages along with automated SMS with the help of SMS API integration.

As there are a number of SMS API providers in the market, it’s important for you to select the best one who can fulfil your business needs and requirements.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider while selecting the best SMS API provider:

  1. Ease of deployment

For any business, the best API is the one which does not make you realize is there. The API works in the background and should not distract you in any form.

There are several different structures which you need to focus on, and the API should not prevent you from achieving time-sensitive objectives and goals.

2. Pricing

Either you are a well-established business or a small start-up, pricing of the tools and software is obviously very important.

There would be budgetary concerns regardless of the size of the business. Different SMS APIs have varied prices, and it’s upon the business or company how much they want to spend.

You also have to remember that the quality and reliability of the API is mostly correlated with its price.

Therefore, the cheapest ones are not always the best option to go for. If your budget allows you to buy an expensive API, then get one, as an API is one of the essential tools of any SMS marketing campaign.

3. Speed

One of the major benefits of SMS is that it is very fast as compared to its other competitors such as emails and paid advertisements.

You can send thousands of SMS within a couple of seconds, and it only takes a few minutes to be read. In fact, more than 95 percent of the text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery.

If you remove speed from the text messages, it will become like any other communication tool. Therefore, it’s important to find the right SMS API which can deliver the messages at lightning speed.

Some API can deliver only 30 SMS per second while the other might have the capacity to deliver 100 per second. Hence, choose the one which is perfect according to your needs and requirements.

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How to Integrate Bulk SMS API into your systems:

SMS is a great marketing tool for businesses as it does not have issues like spam filtering and the user also does not have to make an immediate response like telephonic calls. Therefore, it is great for sending alerts, notifications, and promotional offers.

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API integration plays a very important role in sending bulk SMS to a large number of people either through a web-based platform or mobile application. The text messages are dependent on the API programming and are sync with the user’s response or action.

The APIs are compatible with several operating systems like Windows 10, iOS, Linux. It is also compatible with programming languages and scripts such as Python, JAVA, XML, Oracle, and many more.

The SMS API is also protected with various keys to make the gateways more secure from external threats.

Along with the AuthKeys, there are several other Addons integrated into the system to make the overall process easy and hassle-free.

The best thing about SMS is that you don’t need any other equipment other than a mobile phone to deliver and manage text messages.

For example, if you want to hire an employee for the job of manager in your company, you might send an SMS similar to this:

“Need a manager for one of the top IT companies in New Delhi. The candidate should have at least three years of experience. Reply with “interested 2321” for more information.”

The keyword “interested” will help you to automate things as it is used to identify your company and the code as the reference to the particular job.


So, how to set up an SMS API to deliver the messages. The first thing you need to do is create an account with any API service provider.

The service provider will give you the username and password along with some free trials.

Use the outbound API which is an HTTP GET request that can be sent via HTTP or HTTPS.

SMS API integration in PHP

Nowadays, SMS is being used by both the small scale as well as the large industries. To deliver a text message from the PHP script you need to choose the best API provider who can meet your requirements.

Once you have selected the plan from the SMS gateway provider, then you need to integrate the API with the PHP script. API integration is a simple process and does not require much time.

Mostly the SMS API providers give three types of plan, i.e., One-way, Two-way, and Both-ways text messages. In one-way messaging, you can only send text messages to the clients and customers, whereas in two-ways messaging along with sending the SMS, you can also receive replies from your audience.

The API providers give a callback URL for some parameters such as API key, SMS content, sender number, and others. The parameters can be different for each SMS gateway and API providers depending on the changes required on the following PHP script.

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Advantages of SMS API Integration for businesses

SMS API integration provides many measurable advantages to achieve your business goals and ambitions by easy facilitation of the flow of information among the customers and clients.

  1. Better efficiency through automation

With the help of SMS API, you can automate the process of delivering and receiving the text messages. It makes the overall workflow faster and productive which reduces the need for manual labour.

For example, if you need to send the same message over and over again, the smart API can seamlessly deliver the messages without any additional manual work.

You can also schedule the time-sensitive messages so that the customers and clients receive the alert, reminders, or update at the right time.

Automation handles the repetitive manual tasks effortlessly; therefore the employees can focus on more productive and critical works.

2. Easy Tracking & Visibility

An SMS API helps you to track the text messages status by showing the exact time of the delivery to the user’s mobile phone. It helps in the audit process and to study why some of the messages were unable to deliver.

Another benefit of an API is message tagging, which is essential for transactional messages because it helps to match the responses with the exact SMS.

3. Flexibility

You can access the components of the service provider’s gateway easily with an API and incorporate within your own systems. An API lets you choose how to receive and deliver bulk SMS, either through a group, application, or any other.

If a business is using an API, they have full control over the services and can also change it according to their preference.

4. Fast & Reliable

With the help of an API, you can directly access the SMS gateway, which enhances the overall speed and reliability.

According to a survey, more than 22 billion SMS are delivered every day; therefore it’s important to have a robust API so that you can send thousands of text messages within a couple of seconds from your mobile or desktop to the targeted users.

The API is almost compatible with all the major applications and platforms, which helps you to manage all your messages from a single interface.

5. Clear results

An API provides you with clear and measurable results of your SMS marketing campaign. It delivers important messages and notifications to your customers and clients at the right time.

A perfect API is one which is supported by an interactive UI so that the repetitive tasks can be automated to provide the best results possible.

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Final Words

An API provides many benefits other than just sending text messages. It brings greater efficiency, flexibility, and productivity, to your communication.

It’s important to properly integrate the API with your systems to achieve your business goals, objective and to increase the overall efficiency.

Therefore, choosing an API with a user-friendly interface will provide a distinct advantage as compared to your competitors.


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