CoSchedule Review: Content Marketing Calendar to Boost Productivity

All thanks to modern technology that has opened new boulevards for running a business successfully across the aggressively competitive markets.

Today, if you look around and explore, you will find plenty of tools and hacks that save time and enhances one’s productivity.

Before getting into content marketing industry, I had no clue that apps can do wonders. But I believe that you don’t realize the worth without experiencing it.

It was just normal for me when I got introduced to the CoSchedule app and consider it as another marketing tool.

But when I delved more into details, I found that this could be another awesome tool that can save a lot of my daily time.

For publishing companies, bloggers and marketers, content creation and promotion are one of the toughest tasks. And to streamline the work process and coordinate with my team, there is no other better app than CoSchedule.

In my case, I am running the team of five people, who create content, design, and schedule blog posts on social media.

For me, CoSchedule has turned out be a powerful app as I can now write ideas, assign tasks to the team and automatically schedule my blog posts on the various social media platforms.


At Fly.Biz, we plan our editorial calendar in advance. Take a quick look at Fly.Biz Calendar plan for this month. The posts which are already planned are displaying in yellow borders.


Worduct's Calendar on CoSchedule


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The editorial department uses this app for planning month’s Calendar in advance and transferring Google Docs into WordPress directly. They also create a list of tasks that can be assigned to each individual in the team.

To get started, you can go for its 14-day trial offer. Use it and there is no need to look back anymore. As the name suggests, CoSchedule is a perfect app that schedules everything in a systematic manner.

From keeping you organized to taking care of your marketing calendar, CoSchedule does it all impeccably. For active bloggers, publicatio, s and websites, CoSchedule is a real blessing in disguise.

CoSchedule help in planning every month’s editorial calendar publishes content on the owner’s behalf and automatically circulates content on various popular social media platforms.

If you want to get started, open your web browser and type A CoSchedule home page will appear in front of you. After that, you can click on ‘Get started now free’ in the upper right corner or you can click on ‘Get started now free’ in the middle of the page. New users can click on “Get Started Now Free,” a SignUp form will appear on their screen, where they can fill up the details.

After that, you can click on ‘Get started now free’ in the upper right corner or you can click on ‘Get started now free’ in the middle of the page. New users can click on “Get Started Now Free,” a SignUp form will appear on their screen, where they can fill up the details.

After filling the details, the app will ask you 3 things and ask you to select the one as per your requirement. You can just select any of these options from below:

  • Solo, it’s just me
  • We work as a small team
  • We work as a large team

You can select the option as you prefer. After selecting the preferred option, it will further ask you – if you have an account in ‘Wordpress.’ When you click on ‘Yes’, another window will appear where it will ask you to explore CoSchedule in the 4 ways. Then you can click on ‘Wordpress Posts.’

After this process, you are now ready-to-use CoSchedule. You can select ‘Start Tour’ to know how to use it like a pro.  To make your CoSchedule Calendar look more organized, you can hide notifications by clicking on Icon below Calendar.

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For creating new content, social campaign or a blog post, Click on an edit icon as highlighted in an image.

How to create New content


Once you do that, click on “CONTENT” option in a new pop-up window.

Create new content with CoSchedule


After selecting CONTENT, another pop-up window will show up, where you can type the title and click on CONTINUE.

How to create Title in CoSchedule


When you click on continue, you can do the following things:

  • Change the Status by selecting 3 sub-options: Draft, Pending Review and Scheduled
  • Change color.
  • Even you can create powerful Headlines with the help of a Headline Analyzer feature in CoSchedule.
  • Select content type by choosing a Google Document, Image, Video, any file or Evernote. But, in our case, we only use Google Docs for creating content. By attaching a Google Doc directly into CoSchedule’s Calendar, a team can work seamlessly.
  • While editing the content template, you can Assign blog post to the team member by selecting writer’s name from a drop down icon which on the right side of the picture of the writer.
  • Add new task or give your suggestions in the ‘Add Comment’ section.
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Once you make the changes, this is how a content type will look like.

How to make additions in CoSchedule's content template


Once the content idea is in its initial stages, we ensure that every person here must follow a standard checklist while working on any content related assignment. The tasks’ list is compulsory for all.

how to follow tasks in CoSchedule

Once the blog is finished, the writer can only tick on the finished tasks.

How to mark list completed tasks in CoSchedule


Once all the tasks related to content creation and editing are finished, we schedule the article on various social media platforms. Check, how we do social media scheduling.

After clicking on Social Queue, we write a custom message on every post.

how to start with social media scheduling


After clicking on Icon in front of “Same day as publish,” a small pop-up window will appear. Select a social profile individually, write your message and click on Add message. Rest, the app will automatically update a scheduled post at the best time.

how to schedule a message


Once you finish the process of adding the social messages on the various social media profiles, you can now move on to the next topic.

In CoSchedule, the feature I like the most is that you can see social media analytics with the help of ‘Top Content’ option. Via this feature, you can see which post received most likes and shares on other social media websites.

You can Top Content via two ways:

  1. Go to CoScehdule’s home page and click on the selected Icon.

Top content feature in CoSchedule

2. You can also select month’s view and see which post ranked well. In our case, we are using CoSchedule since last month.


Worduct's Top content in CoSchedule

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Be more productive with CoSchedule

I would like to add that CoSchedule is a must have app for organizing your editorial or a marketing calendar.

In fact, companies can manage their product promotions by planning article ideas around a particular product or a service. They can also create a successful market presence and target customers across the globe with this single app.

They can even update their customers with new product or service launch and can maximize profits. It’s a transparent app which allows keeping all ideas or marketing plans in one place.

From setting up deadlines for every task to see how much has been done, CoSchedule is an ideal app for bloggers, freelancers, startups, and even big organizations.

So, what are you thinking? Get started with CoSchedule and become a successful marketer.

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