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How to use a email Signature Templates in Gmail

Do you know about 50% of Email owners have a professional Email signature?

Isn’t it heart wrenching that we are not making the full use of this fantastic feature for elevating our personal and business standards?

Ok, got little confused? How is this possible? Allow me to explain further.

Just like everyone has a different name, similarly a signature should also be uncommon. In this digital era, you communicate via emails and make sure your Emails should be top-notch.

You might not have observed, but let me tell you, Gmail Signature is a powerful and an often neglected marketing tool.

Email Signature in your emails helps recipient understand about you and your organization, which leave an impression in his mind for a long.

A well-constructed Gmail signature displays your sincerity towards work. It also helps in building a good relationship in business front with your clients as it shows your sheer interest to connect with them.

You cannot afford to underplay regarding marketing and promotion if you want to expand your business. Gmail signature is an excellent promotional and marketing tool for an individual, business, website, blog, etc.

If you want to start a conversation with anyone you meet in a business event, you hand over your business card. In electronic terms, you design your Email signature in more actionable form, and it can also act as a social networking tool.

Here are the ingredients for creating a professional email signature in your Gmail:

  • Full Name
  • Designation
  • Company’s Name
  • Contact details
  • Company’s logo (small size works best)
  • Social networking handlers
  • Company’s website

How to create email Signature template in Gmail?

We can use several methods to create a Gmail Signature. You have to create an Email Signature which includes clickable company logo and Call To Action social media icons. You can choose any one kind of signature for internal communication and one kind of signature for external communication.

1. How to Create Email Signature in Gmail

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on the Gear icon in the top-right corner and choose Settings option.

How to create a signature template in Gmail

3. Scroll down in the first tab General till you find Signature option towards the bottom. You will find a text box to ‘Create your signature’ and a drop-down menu having your email.

This option is to change your Email address if you own multiple accounts and you want to have Email signature for each of your account.


4. Type your signature in the text box. Start with your name (30% of professionals fail to include their name), mention your designation and your company name. Also, don’t forget to share your contact details.

Layout of Your Signature

5. Do you know? Only 12% of the people include social media handles in their Email Signatures. Inserting clickable social media icons enable your recipient to land on its respective social pages.

It helps recipient know more about your work. Select the image or text you want to link then Just click on the chain like icon in menu bar. Fill in the URL of the website you want to link, and it’s done.

Signature hyperlink

6. You can also insert your image or your company logo that can be related to the website of the company. To insert an image, click on the mountain icon on menu bar.  Fill in the web address or URL of the image; you want to insert.

The image will be produced in the text box; you can also resize it there. I preferred to use my company logo. You can use whatever you wish to.

PS: One in 20 people includes an image


These tips will surely help you in creating a stylish signature template in your Gmail. I believe that when you create an outstanding Gmail signature, it leaves an everlasting effect on the people who receive your Emails.

I think that when you create a unique Gmail signature, it leaves an eternal impact on the people who receive your Emails. So, make sure it’s appealing and has your coordinates in it.

Take a quick look how you can quickly make your Gmail signature beyond classic by following these fantastic tips.

Design a smart, personalized handwritten signature

Some of you prefer to have a handwritten signature to give a personal touch, so there are two ways to have it.

The one way is – write your signature on paper, scan it and upload it on your PC. Copy the image URL and paste in the box provided for inserting an image.

You can also use inbuilt fonts or Google fonts via Google drawing and choose a font style that matches your style of writing and create it there itself.

Tip: You can use Gmail add-on app called HelloSign to create your personalized e-signature

feature image_v0003.jpg

Take an open oath of Self-Improvement

I certainly believe that disclosing your resolutions makes it hard to break them.

It will also aid in your personal branding if you are a one-man army. So go ahead share your thoughts, experiences and your pledges in your life. And let people know you inside out.

feature image_v0002.jpg

Quote a company state or present a growth graph

The concept applied here is to show your business growth trend, and maybe that can help to excite the proposal you are making in your Email. You can keep on changing it to show different facts or stats of the company using a good range of options in Google drawing.

feature image_v0005.jpg

Add a touch of humor to it

Bring a smile to someone’s face by bidding goodbye on a funny note. So, it’s imperative to design your signature template in such a manner that reader couldn’t help but read it and forced to think about it.

And it will be a memory trigger for them as you will be remembered for your amazing sense of humor. But always remember not to do it over.

feature image_v0001.jpg

Announce an event

Managing an upcoming event? And excited about it? Tell everyone about it. It may be an official event at your workplace or your best friend’s wedding. It will grab reader’s attention and trigger him to click on it to know more about it.

If you are too lazy to create, try below mentioned third party Email Signature tools.


WiseStamp allows you to create multiple personalized Email signatures for all standard webmail accounts. To get started, go to their homepage and click on ‘Claim your Free Signature Now,’ a form will pop out.

Now, you need to fill in your standard personal details, add your social network and IM contact information and WiseStamp displays a nicely formatted signature for you.


Sigwich is another third-party tool that helps you design an appealing signature. It has a high signature engine that helps you to build an original signature quickly. The best part is that it is compatible with all the leading email providers and internet browsers.

It has six different signature templates that give you enough space to design a personalized Email signature. Check out, how Sigwich works!


All I want to say is that creating a professional Email signature is no rocket science. You need not be an artist. All you need is a right thought process and be clear about the idea you want to convey in your signature.

Let me know how you have created yours. Fancy or simple? Casual or professional? Do share your views in the comments box below.


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