15 Google Calendar Hacks to save more time

Is that anytime happens to you?

That you missed urgent appointments, meetings, and personal commitments due to a busy schedule.

I have been writing on productivity since long now, and getting organized is the only hack to solve this problem.

Don’t worry, as Google Calendar is here at your rescue.

It lets you manage everything perfectly!

Through this post, I am going to share Google Calendar Hacks for managing personal as well as professional life efficiently.

If you are new to use Calendar it’s better to know what it is? Or If you are already using it you can move directly to hacks below.

You know about Calendar no problem. We have added the list of Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts in the bottom, which are going to save time.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a time management tool, which allows people to schedule meetings and appointments and even set a reminder for the upcoming events as well.

It is one of the best productivity tools that allows individuals and professionals to prioritize their day, week or month’s schedule in advance.

You can also seamlessly collaborate with your team and target customers in the real time. It allows people to share read-only events or provide full edit control to a particular individual or a team.

The best part is that it gives the option to create multiple calendars too.

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How to access Google Calendar?

  • To access calendar features, you must have Google Account.
  • If you don’t have one, you need to create an account from here.
  • After that, you just need to go to calendar.google.com

You can also access Google Calendar from Gmail by clicking on Google Apps symbol on the top right.

How to access Google Calendar


As now you know How to access it. Let’s learn some great Google Calendar Tricks which will help you stay organized in your day to day life.

Google Calendar Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

1.  How to create an event? 

  1. For creating an event, first open a Google Calendar
  2. Click on Create button

create Google Calendar

When you click on the create, a new window emerges, where you can give a name of your event and select the date and time.

create event in Google Calendar

2.  Invite People

When creating an event, just enter the email addresses in the “Add guests” box and choose the type of access you want to give to the guests.

  1.  Modify Event: Others can make any change in the shared event.
  2.  Invite Others: Guests can invite other people as well.
  3.  See Guest List: Individuals invited to the event can see the name of the guests.

How to invite people in Google Calendar

After following the steps as mentioned above, a small notification window will pop up and will ask you to click on the ‘Send’ or ‘Don’t Send’ option.

How to send invitation in Google Calendar

3. Add Attachment

If you want to attach a relevant document related to the particular event, just click on the “Add attachment” in the edit event window.

add attachment in Google Calendar


4.  Create a New Calendar

To create a new Calendar, click the little arrow next to the “My Calendar,” from there you can select “Create new Calendar” and choose your desired calendar options like  Calendar name, location, country, etc.  

Create new Calendar

5.  Share Calendar with others

You can share Calendar with one person or the number of individuals. Here’s how you can share the same:  

  1. Click the down arrow next to your calendar name; a pop-up window will appear.
  2. Choose “Share this Calendar” and select permissions that you want to give the people.
  3. Click save


share a calendar

6.  Add Reminder

You can add reminders via Google Calendar and get a quick notification about your schedule by email.

To create a reminder:

  1.  Click down arrow next to the tasks.
  2.  Select “Switch to Reminders.”

add reminder in Google Calendar

      3. Add your reminder and Click “Create.”

set reminder in Google Calendar

Learn more in detail about reminders feature on Google Calendar.

7.  Color Code your Events

To quickly identify the events, users can apply the different colors in each event.

  1. Click on the event, and a pop-up will appear.
  2. Click “Edit event.”

edit event in Calendar

      3. Now, you can choose a color for an event. 

add event colour in Calendar

8.  View shared calendar

You can see the schedule of the person who has shared with you. It makes easy for you to see when a particular person is available for an event or meeting.

  1. In Google Calendar, under another calendar, enter the name or address in the Add a coworker’s calendar box.
  2. Select the person from the list
  3. Click the color box to the left of the individual’s name to show or hide their events in a calendar.

view other person's calendar

9.  Create tasks

You can organize your important tasks with a to-do list right in Google Calendar.

  1. Under My calendar, click on the tasks
  2. Your tasks will open on the right side of your calendar
  3. Click Add Task
  4. Enter your item
  5. You can add note or due date by clicking on arrow to the right of your task

add task in Google Calendar

10.  Add World Clock

While scheduling an event for an individual or a team, located in a different country with different time zone.

First, you have to enable world clock

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and pop-up will appear
  2. Choose settings and Click Labs
  3. Select “Enable” to the right of the global clock.
  4. Click Save

The World Clock will display on the right of your calendar. 

Add world clock in Google Calendar

On this World Clock gadget, click settings and select the time zones, then Click Save.

11. Change Calendar View

To avoid distraction, you have the option to view your Calendar as a week, month, the next four days, or as an agenda. That four days option, you can change it to something else by going to Calendar settings and switch to the custom view option.

change the calendar view

12.  Add background image

To make your display more interesting, you can add a picture to your Google calendar.

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top corner
  2. Click Labs
  3. Select “Enable” to the right of Background image

After enabling the background image, go the general in setting and enter the URL of the image in the “Calendar background” box.

Change Calendar background

13.  Year Calendar View

The Calendar has a day, week, month views but if you want to see the whole year at once, go to the settings and click labs, Select “Enable” to the right of Year view. Year view window will appear at the right of your Calendar.

Year view in Google Calendar

14.  Change starting day of the Week

To change which day is displayed as the first day of the week in Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Click on gear icon
  3. Select Settings
  4. In the Week starts on the section, select the day you want to show on the first day of the week.
  5. Click Save

Change first day of the week in Google Calendar

15.  Restore deleted events

If you delete any event by mistake, then there is an option to view and recover the deleted events.

  1. Click the down arrow  next to your calendar name
  2. Choose View trash; now you can see the deleted events

restore deleted files in Google Calendar
      3. Select the event you want to restore and click on “Restore Selected events” if you want to delete any event from trash, then choose the event and click on Delete forever.

restore deleted events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts
C Create event
E Event detail
D Day view
W Week view
M Month view
X Custom view
A Agenda view
/ To switch search box
Q Quick add
S To open Settings
Ctrl+s Save event


Google Calendar is turning out to be must-have productivity tools for all.

You can do many things from scheduling events, meetings, appointments, and applying reminders to stay right on track.  

Through this tool, you can improve productivity and prioritize their day in a best possible way. 

Google offers many other apps including Google Calendar for Business (GSuite), where you can access all these under your domain name.

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Still, have questions around Google Calendar, ask me in the comment section, and I will be happy to entertain them all.

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