How to use google docs? 12 features that will blow your mind!

Do you know how to use Google Docs?

More than 80% of the people around the world are still relying on the traditional desktop word processors?

But as they say, you cannot move ahead in life until you are open to newer ways and technologies.

As we have already made a way into the era of the cloud, the web-based solutions are quickly becoming the norm in every day’s life.

Many of you may be aware of Google Docs, but in reality, only a few people use on regular basis.

You will be surprised to know that Google Docs offers a bunch of innovative features that don’t even exist in other office productivity suites.

Today, Google offers a real-time office collaboration tools that let you create, edit and share docs, sheets, slides and forms. The best benefit is that Google Docs easily syncs across all the devices.

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Features: Google Docs

You may be using online docs, but if you haven’t explored these 12 hidden Google Docs features, then you should check it out and work like a pro.

#1 Create different templates

If you haven’t tried working on various templates in documents, you’re still lagging behind.

Instead of working on blank documents, you should explore unique templates for creating a resume, business letter, project proposal, brochure, newsletter, book report and meeting notes.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your new employer or a teacher, create a new document for your educational project or a business proposal by clicking on File from the menu bar and then select a document you want to create.

In case you want to work on a different document type, you can “From template.” After that, you can select the template type from a recently used document or select a new one by scrolling down.

Select a new template for new document.png

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#2 ‘Explore’ in place of research!

Now you need not go on Google search box directly for googling out any topic. If you are working on a document, you can search anything while working on anything simultaneously.

Select any word, click right and click on ‘Explore’ or you can use a simple keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I to start your search.

When you perform these actions, you will see a research tool will open on the right side of your document, where you can type anything in a search box, and related results will come up.

You can search almost everything, images, scholar, quotes, dictionary and tables.



Apart from that, you can also use “Define Tool” to find out the meaning, synonym or antonym of a specific word. You can do that by selecting a word or use a  shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Y.

#3 Editing, suggesting & viewing mode

Before sharing a document with anyone in your team, a business client or any individual, as the owner of the document, you have the authority to give a right to access to people for making any changes in the document.

You can allow people to edit directly, suggest changes or just allow them to view a document.

How to give access for editing in a Google document.png

You can also change the access rights before sharing a document with an individual or a team. Just click on ‘Share button’ on the top right corner of the document, a small window will pop out, now you will have to click on the ‘Advanced’.

After clicking on it, another notification pane will pop out where you can change the access rights for making changes in the document.

Access rights before sharing a document.png


#4 Chat, insert comments, tag people and turn on notifications

Google Docs are known for a seamless online collaboration at work. For example, if you are working on one product, you can connect with your teammates and work simultaneously in the real time.

You can ask for your team’s suggestion by selecting a sentence and clicking on ‘add a comment icon’ that appears once you select any sentence or paragraph in a document.

After that, you can add your team members by adding a + sign in a comment box, choose the person’s name out of the options and they will get a notification via an Email.

Add a comment and tag people in a Google Document.png

Even they can chat while working on a similar document and get instant notifications. They can delete comment threads after resolving the key issues related to the document.

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#5 Revision history tool

It’s an awesome tool in Google Docs as you can view all the changes in the document by clicking on “File from menu bar” and further selecting “See Revision History” or you can use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H. When you use this procedure, you will be able to see the changes.

How to restore a revision in Google Docs.png

You can see a date, time, day, and see who did what changes and you can restore the previously done revisions easily.

#6 Voice typing

You can access Voice typing feature via Tools tab or by using a keyboard command Ctrl+Shift+S. To get started, you just have to Click on “Click to speak”. The best of this feature is that it lets you type in any other language. Voice typing feature in Google Docs.png

#7 Make the best use of third-party Add-ons

If you are not aware, you can also get third-party features that provide various functions you cannot find in Docs. Just click on “Add-ons” in the menu bar of the document and explore different Add-ons with the unique features in a search box too.


For example, in Google Docs you won’t find “Change Case” so you can search for “Change Case to change your text style” in Add-ons. You can click on it and access it anytime you want to.

Suppose, you have come across a slightly different Add-on, you can also read the description below or even see its live video to know how it works. Even you can view users’ reviews and ratings.

How to use an Add-on.png

You have to click on Add-ons and then “Change Case” and select the text where you want to do the changes. Via multiple third-party add-ons, you can style your documents and present the information impeccably.

In case, you have added an Add-on and if you don’t like it then you can remove that too.

#8 Add more fonts

If you’re using same age old fonts, get over it now as Google Docs lets you add more fonts.

How to add more fonts.png

Just go to the sub-menu bar, click on the drop-down arrow beside a selected font. When you click on the arrow, you will see “more fonts” option, just click on it once and can now scroll down to see more fonts. You can sort options to see fonts by popularity, alphabetical, data added and trending.

How to select more fonts.png

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#9 Create a table of content

Suppose you are working on a research paper or a project thesis, you can also insert a table of contents in your document. It helps others to jump on to the relevant topic of their choice.

#10 Translate doc in as many languages you want to

You can also translate your current document in any other language. To get started, you can select ‘Tools’ from the menu bar and click on the ‘translate document’.

When you click on this option, a notification tab will pop out, select the language you want the document to translate into and then click on translate. Once you do, the following, you will see the translated copy of a document.

Translate a document.png

#11 Keyboard shortcuts

Aren’t you tired of using the mouse every time while working on a document? We have a solution for you. Learn keyboard commands to work quickly! You may be thinking, how to use keyboard commands in online Docs?

keyboard-shortcuts in Docs

Just go to the ‘Help’ in the menu bar, click on “keyboard shortcuts,” a small window will pop-out. You can now view popular keyboard shortcuts by scroll down option.

#12 Add link in a document

The users can directly insert a link in a particular document by clicking on the insert link icon in the sub-menu bar or by selecting Ctrl+K.




In fact, you can find more links by clicking on find more option.  Once you select a link from a drop down option in link search results, you can now click on “Apply” to insert a link.

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Google Docs is a powerful office productivity suite, which offers a bundle of inbuilt features and third-party tools that will take you by surprise and let you experience a distinctive style of working in the real time.

I believe that you can do much more with Docs and bet that you will forget about using age-old word documents.

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