Unique ways to Work Smarter not Harder

We already know about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs! But, do you know that common link that connects these two personalities together?

They’re, of course, reckoned as the world’s best innovators of all times. They not only share the similar traits but are known for building the world’s best and biggest technology brands.

You might be wondering, why am I connecting them with my post. The reason why I am mentioning here, because they are incredible entrepreneurs, who transformed the way we access technology today.

They have created biggest brands in the history of Information Technology that has made things much simpler for many organizations today. 

Do you know? Work Smarter, not Harder is best-known workplace tips of the day.

You can also hang a poster of a similar quote at your place of work.

People struggle on How to Work Harder, but working smarter is equivalent important.  

So read below about the unique ways to work smarter in the highly competitive environments. 

Why to Work Smarter, not Harder

Hope you remember in school days our teachers use to quote us “Don’t work Hard work Smart” the same rules applies in profession life.

‘Smart Work’ means how quickly and efficiently you achieve your targets, whereas, ‘Hard Work’ means putting maximum time and effort to complete your tasks with perfection.

It doesn’t matter how many hours a day you work, but what really matters is – how much value you’re bringing out of it.

In today’s ever-changing work environments, hard work and smart work are equally important to accomplish your objectives.

Let’s find, how smart work strategies allows you to reach your goals faster.

But, wait! Before actually moving on to the tips, we need to know – what is smart work, why it is important and what result it brings?

Work culture across small and large enterprises is transforming every passing year and what you see – is the upsurge in adopting new ways to enhance efficiency, time management tactics for more productivity and achieving better results simultaneously.

So, it’s imperative for professionals to keep transforming and start focusing on working smartly. This is how they can concentrate on effective ways to stimulate their performance every day.

Work Smarter not Harder Tips

All these tips will be a great help if you are working professional and want to achieve more than the competition.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone wants to work efficiently by putting less effort. Learn the keyboard shortcuts to work smarter and faster than others.

Working Professional always use some tools to stay productive at work, and email is the first tools we us across.

In case, you are using Google GSuite or Office365 for office work, ensure that you start using Keyboard Shortcuts as it will reduce your effort of clicking the mouse every time.

For example, you may be good at using Microsoft Word /Google Docs, Microsoft Excel /Google Sheets, or Microsoft Powerpoint / Google Slides, but if you are not using keyboard shortcuts, then you are just one step away from doing the smart work.

Even while using Excel or Sheets, you can execute your regular tasks well in time by using macros with just a single click.

2. Single Tab Hack

Whether you’re working online or offline, ensure that you work in the single tab to be more productive.

Working in one tab lets you easily avoid notifications, pop-ups or emails and I bet, you won’t be any more distracted and will be able to finish your assignments quickly.

Before making it work ensure to close all the unwanted tabs in your web browser and keep your phone away, to work more productively.

3. Track it

If you will not track, you will not be able to calculate and hence you won’t be able to improve.

Tracking your work performance is as important as doing it.

There are many ways to track your progress, performance and how productive you’ve been the whole day.

You can either create your “to-do- list” in your diary or make use of todoist app to know where you stand.

Another way to keep track of your progress every day is by listing your daily accomplished tasks in the taskbar of Gmail, just in case, if you’re using it regularly.

Besides that, if you use Outlook on a regular basis, you can assign the necessary tasks and get automated status reports on the same.

4. Use Tools

Now, you can easily take control and automate your professional tasks.  

Around the world, many professionals are extensively using Office365 and Gmail for sending and receiving their emails in a well-organized way.

If you’re using GSuite for your Business you can surely save time by scheduling your emails and putting them on automation.

Another way is to use Canned Response and Auto Response Option in your Gmail for sending the same reply to the people with whom you interact frequently.

Enable Undo Send option by clicking on Gmail settings first, then go directly into the labs tab to enable this option. It help you to recall a message within 30 seconds after it is being sent.

Make the best use of Google Drive to store, share and access documents and files at any time.

GSuite Free Trial

5. Manage your Time

Stop beating around the bush! Yes, that’s very imperative for improving your work speed and performance.

Start focusing on managing your time effectively, as this lets you plan, concentrate and manage your most important tasks in a diligent way.

For example, many startups and already established brands are making the best use of various productivity apps to remain on top on the game.

6. Delegate for better efficiency

After all, you are not a robot. You cannot work on multiple things in one go.

Hence, it makes real sense to divide your work into small chunks, delegate it to your team and brief them in detail to how to do it properly.

Check this link to learn more about the art of delegating work in an effective manner.

7. Follow not to-do list

We always shift our entire focus on creating a “to do list” but, what is essential is – creating your “not to do list.”

It will help you to stay away from things that you shouldn’t be doing at work and remain more goal oriented.  

8. Take quick breaks

Don’t just work round-the-clock! Start taking short breaks at regular intervals.

This not only rejuvenates your brain cells but allows you to figure out ways in free time and this later enhances your work speed in a best possible way.

It has been proved scintifically that taking a small break bring more productivity in work, and you can also check this article published on Inc on same: Scientifically Proven ways to work smarter, not Harder

To sum it up, Smart work is the right way to grow professionally. It lets you save time, allows you to complete tasks before the deadline and your workplace goals can be efficiently accomplished.

This is why it is important that people must explore all avenues and employ new strategies to work with dexterity.

I hope you will embrace these unique ways to work smarter, not harder and remain more organized and productive at work.

Bonus: Check this video Work Smarter not Harder by Sandeep Maheshwari and i sure this gonna motivate you!

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