5 myths about do what you love and love what you do

There is a famous saying, “Do the job you love, and you will not have to work a single day in your life. ”

Does that mean that a person has to do only that one thing the entire life or has he made sacrifices and tasted struggle to make that one dream happen?

There is always a flipside of our actions, and its repercussion may have made someone’s life or changed someone’s life.

For example, there is a man who wants to be a singer by profession but due to financial constraints he fails to do so, and now he is a successful engineer.

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Because when one is passionate and driven by his desire to succeed he will put his heart and soul to everything he does.

The majority of people will advise you to so what you love while the others will force you to do something maybe you hate doing or don’t want to do at all.

Important is doing and doing it keeping in mind that it can keep you happy be it anything you love or maybe you just like to do.

If you add spark to what you do you will do it with excellence. There is no concept of love or don’t love. There are things which you can or you can’t. Ensure can is greater in number to explore the life to the fullest.

“Don’t just do only what you love to do instead do whatever you think you can do”

Here are five myths about do what you love and love what you do:

1. Doing the same thing every day will limit your logic and creativity

In order to maximize imagination, we need to have an open source of learning and not get confined to just our self-developed notions and following them only.

It is important to see and experience in order to learn. If you stick to just one thing you love, you may miss the other brighter side of learning and enhance yourself.

And sometimes you tend to get bored of doing the same thing every day.

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2. Doing what you love may require a backup plan in case it fails

Doing what you love is not an easy job, you may achieve it early, but it may take many years of your life to turn it into reality.

What if you fail? Is there any support system which will keep you aligned to your dreams again. It is important to earn a living especially when your family depends on your income.

Backup plan will prevent you from drowning and give you the courage to start over again.

3. Before you build an empire you need resources

To have an empire one needs knowledge, money, manpower, skill and other resources put together to give it a shape.

Likewise to achieve what you love which is enticing you will have to start from zero and go step by step depending on what you love to do.

Starting with a job maybe which you don’t love but to earn good money and put to use to build what you desire is the reality which many legends did in their life.

4. One life is too short doing and achieving only one thing

When you get one life, numerous opportunities, the whole world to explore, various fields of work where you can explore your interests why just stick to one thing alone you think you love.

Maybe you are a writer, but you are good at basketball. Go for it. You are a doctor but wish to be a model. Be one. You are a free bird controlled by your brain and its thought process.

Make sure to spread your feathers ensuring your flight is worth every passing day of your life.

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5. If you choose to stick to what you love you may destroy other opportunities

In the course of achieving one dream, he may come across many other opportunities which knocked his door and which could have added to his own dream in a way.

If you are a batsman in a cricket team but you are not selected at the same time you got an opportunity to be the bowler in the team.

If you think you only want to bat you will miss this present opportunity which may have made you a successful batsman ahead in life.

Performance speaks. Be flexible you may get more than you expected. Be open to the right opportunities but yes wise choices to be made.

Wrapping up

If you see struggles of people in order to achieve what they loved Walter Elias “Walt” Disney, is one of the best examples. He is a film producer, cartoonist, animator, an entrepreneur and voice actor.

Before he became the legend that he is today,  this man was struggling to make ends meet.  In 1919, while working for a newspaper,  Walt Disney got fired from his job due to lacked imagination and no real ideas. ”

He formed a short-lived company in collaboration with another cartoonist, in January 1920.  After a coarse beginning,  he went to work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company.

He was soon joined by Iwerks, as they were unable to run their business alone. He later acquired his own successful studio, but the profits were not enough to pay high salaries of the employees.

The studio became loaded with debt and wound up bankrupt. After that, he decided to set up a studio in the movie industry’s capital city, Hollywood, California.

Strings of failures but he never gave up.  Some roles played by this one person because he stood strong through the toughest times.

Here is a piece of advice that life is not going to be sunny every time one has to face thunderstorms and lightning too. There will be highs and lows.

Life itself is a learning believing in just one thing is like ignoring everything else that this world has for you, unfold and unleash yourself you will never fail. Postulating and doing only what you love is pernicious.

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  1. Mehak June 26, 2018 at 11:44 am - Reply


    That’s awesome. I appreciate when people can be practical about it. I get this too. I don’t do it because it doesn’t work for me, but I understand and know others it does work for. I have a sibling who has a job they dislike but it affords them the opportunity to go home at the end of the day and do what they like. So it does work, just not for me. I know it’s not always easy and I know it can be scary but I think it’s worth it to be happy doing what you love.

    • Danish Wadhwa
      Danish Wadhwa June 27, 2018 at 3:12 pm - Reply

      Hello Mehak,

      Nice to see that you liked the post and it makes sense to you like others. Thanks for sharing your views on it which is much appreciable.


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