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How Much Do You Know About Bulk SMS Business

As we all know that smartphones are ruling the digital world, therefore mobile-based marketing has become an integral part of every marketing strategy.

Businesses need to communicate with their audience and customers to let them know about the new products, latest offers, reviews as it helps them to build a relationship with their consumers. It also provides businesses with an opportunity to scale their growth and reach new heights.

But, how to reach and interact with consumers efficiently?

There are several modes of communication such as email, social media, offline methods, and others.

However, Bulk SMS is the most faster, quicker and easiest method to reach out to the consumers as compared to any other communication channels.

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service is an application-to-person text messaging service which refers to delivering a large number of text messages to the mobile devices of a group of audience.

The bulk messaging has evolved in recent years and now involves single messages (OTP, alerts), interactive messages (group SMS), and incoming number services (advertising campaigns, voting information).

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The most important characteristic of bulk messaging is that enterprises and companies can use more than one solutions to deliver and receive promotional text messages such as a mobile device, software, web interface, or a promotional SMS API.

The bulk messaging solution along with the promotional SMS API ensure that the text message gets delivered to all the phone numbers present in any part of the world.

The promotional SMS API acts as a bridge between the mobile network and service provider. These APIs allows SMS traffic to be distributed to the cellular network and users mobile device.

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What makes Bulk SMS perfect for businesses?

The benefits of bulk SMS for big as well as small businesses are endless. Firstly, it is the cheapest way to communicate with lakhs or even millions of users.

It can decrease the marketing budget of companies significantly as they don’t have to spend huge money on creating and distributing content in the online and offline spaces.

SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach 5 billion mobile phone users in the world.

According to a report, people of India check their mobile phones more than 150 times a day. Therefore, mobile is the best place for business owners and marketers to advertise their product or services.

The digital channels such as social media and paid advertisements are very costly which makes it difficult for small businesses to leverage the market. For them, bulk SMS is very beneficial because the cost of setting up an SMS marketing campaign is very low as compared to the other channels.

The bulk SMS which the companies send are very high-targeted as the text messages are only sent to those people who have opted-in for the promotional messages.

SMS are also read more as compared to its competitors such as emails. In fact, the open rate of text messages is 98 percent whereas the email has an open rate of just 20 percent.

People also prefer SMS more for getting for appointment reminders, promotional offers, prescription refill, and many more.

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The bulk SMS can also be personalized based on the consumer’s buying pattern, behaviour, and demographics.

How to start a Bulk SMS business?

Running a business is always difficult. You might have an amazing business idea, infrastructure, and packaging designs ready, but if you don’t have a proper mobile marketing strategy, then everything will be useless.

If you want to start your own bulk SMS business in India, then follow the steps given below:

#Step1 – Register with a Bulk SMS service provider or whole seller

The first step in setting up a bulk SMS business is to register with an SMS whole seller because your business is about buying and selling messages units.

Plenty of SMS whole sellers in India provides custom SMS units to businesses.

The charges also vary for different sellers. Therefore, do your research and select the appropriate one.

#Step 2 – Purchase SMS custom units

After completing the registration process, you need to buy some custom SMS units to get started.

You can start with any number of units depending upon your needs and requirements. Then, the whole seller will set up a portal for you to manage your SMS units.

#Step 3 – Customize your SMS reselling platform

At first, the interface of your portal will look similar to the site of the whole seller. You need to customize the platform with a unique logo, name, goal, and motto.

The design of the portal should match your business objectives and interest. You also need to add your contact details so that your consumers can easily reach you.

#Step 4 – Promote Your Business

If you don’t promote your business, nobody will know about its existence. Therefore, after setting up the complete business, you need to promote it both online and offline platforms to grab the attention of people to do business with you.

To promote your business, you can take help from an active social media page, or popular blogs. You can also use paid advertisements to get the initial clients from the internet.

#Step 5 – Reach to the potential consumers

You need to start sending email proposals to your potential customers to make them understand how bulk SMS can help their business grow.

It’s essential to target new as well as established organizations who have a large customer base.

Most marketers believe that an enterprise with large memberships pays well as compared to small enterprises.

Top 5 FAQs about Bulk SMS?

Q.1- How Bulk SMS works?

Bulk SMS starts when a user opts-in for an SMS marketing campaign by texting a keyword to a particular shortcode. As soon as the consumer opts-in, their mobile number gets added in the database.
Once the process gets completed, businesses can send promotional messages, alerts, notifications, etc. to the user.

Q.2 – What is a keyword in SMS?

Let’s take an example, type OK to 9999 to get an additional discount!. Here, the word OK is the keyword which is present in the body of the message.

A customer needs to send the keyword to receive promotional messages. The keyword should be small and easy to remember. Most of the companies keep the keyword related to their brand.

Q.3 – What is the character limit in an SMS?

The SMS has a limit of 160 character. If the message goes beyond 160 limits, then an additional page is added.

Q.4 – What is a flash message?

A flash message is a type of SMS which appears immediately on the screen of the consumers irrespective of what they are doing at the moment.

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These messages mostly display when you request for some services such as checking account balance, and others.

After you read the messages, there is an option to either discard or save it.

Q.5 – How to change the SMS sender name?

You can send the text messages using your personal or business name as your Sender ID. The id can be of alphanumeric and 11 character limits.

Some of the network providers might filter the sender ID; therefore it’s important to test before using it for bulk SMS marketing.

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Final Words

Bulk SMS is an important part of the marketing plan of any business or company. It is the most effective and affordable way to get new customers as well to interact with the existing ones.

All you need to do is find the right bulk SMS service provider and strategize your plan accordingly.

However, if you want to set up your own bulk SMS business, then it is the perfect time to implement your idea because of the huge number of people using mobile phones today.


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