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Messaging Pricing

  • 1 credit = 16p
  • 8,500 INR (Total Amount)*
  • 1 SMS = 1 Credit/16p

Tax may apply = 18% GST

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To see bulk SMS pricing for all countries, download the SMS Price list.

List for 50,000 SMS:

1. By Default pricing Search will be for 50,000 SMS

2. Minimum purchase of 2,500 Credits is mandatory

Text SMS pricing for your website

(No. of SMS)
(Price per SMS)
(Price per SMS)
Send OTP
(Price per SMS)
10,000 0.12p 0.16p 0.23p
25,000 0.12p 0.16p 0.23p
50,000 0.11p 0.15p 0.22p
1,00,000 0.11p 0.15p 0.22p
5,00,000 0.10p 0.14p 0.21p
10,00,000 0.09p 0.13p 0.20p
50,00,000 0.09p 0.13p 0.20p
Tax = 18% GST

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Bulk SMS is the sending of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to various mobile phone terminals. Most of the enterprises, media companies, banks and consumer brands use bulk SMS services for a variety of purposes that include entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

This service is used for service renewal reminders, event alerts, offers & discounts, festival wishes, and other important alerts, etc.

Promotional SMS: The term defines the SMSes which are meant for promotion. The motive to advertise, promote or brand any service or a product. Regardless if the content is solicited, it will be considered as a promotional sms service.

Transactional SMS: It is used by an organization, to send invoice details, to tell about purchase confirmation alerts, inform about appointment status, ticket confirmation alerts, student progress information to their parents, status of bank account, OTP purpose and for many other applications.

You just need to click on Buy Credits button in the top menu to buy SMS credits after login to your account. Check the provided reference image to know more.

Yes, we credit you demo SMSes to test our services by sending to a number of people. When you are done with testing and get satisfied, then you can buy SMSes as per your requirements.

We credit you SMSes that come with lifelong validity.

MSGWOW allows to write 160 characters in 1 credit message. The message consumes two or more credits when the length exceeds 160 characters.When it comes to 2 messages, the character length is 306, for 3 messages is 459, for 4 messages is 612, and for 5 messages is 724.

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