10 Best Shopify Apps to Grow the Online Visibility of your Shopify store

Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform for enterprises of any size. It’s affordable and accessible for the new eCommerce startup and also offers an enterprise solution for large and developing businesses with Shopify Plus.

One of the excellent things about Shopify is their wide-ranging collection of apps.

The library is vast, so I have made it super simple for you to find the top Shopify apps to make the most of your business’s success. Here are ten best Shopify Apps to boost the online visibility of your Shopify website:-

1. Yotpo Product Reviews (FREE)

Yotpo Review app helps in getting your product reviewed easily from your customers. Having reviews on products increases the trustworthiness of your store.

A site that has reviews get more sales as visitors mostly purchase from a site having reviews. This Shopify app is helpful in many ways like it sends an email to every customer after few weeks of the purchase and asks them to review the product.

The best part of the app is that it allows customers to leave the review right from their email as well so it raises the possibilities to get the product reviewed. The feedback will be added to the corresponding product directly.

2. Plugin SEO (FREE)

It’s a free app that you can use to check the SEO issues on your site. The app monitors your site for SEO related errors and shows you.

The errors may influence your search engine rankings, so this app is the genuine one to identify the SEO issues and correct them. The app periodically checks the SEO issues in your website and send you the outline to fix them.

3. Google Shopping (FREE)

Using this app, you can sync your Shopify store products with the Google Merchant Center easily. Your products will be on Shopify but will be shown on Google Shopping.

If any changes occur on your Shopify store, it automatically gets updated to Google Shopping as well. It helps you increase the visibility of your products.

4. Recurring Orders Shopify Bold App

The Recurring Orders app facilitates you to sell recurring products, or even a complete recurring cart, on your Shopify store.

Customers just select how frequently they want their order to reappear, and then every month the app automatically charges the customer’s credit card and generates the order in your Shopify order admin.

You don’t have to worry about a thing; the app does it all for you, and you can just process orders as normal!

5. Product Discount Shopify Bold App

With Product Discount Shopify Bold App, you can run sales just like a brick and mortar store does.

By decreasing the price! PLUS what’s even better you can run a sale on just certain brands, collections, handpicked segments, product types, or even store wide!

Coupons will always have their place, but when you wish to run a sale, you want your customers to know promptly that there’s a sale on!

6. Shopify Multivendor Marketplace

With this amazing app, you can convert your shop into a full functioning marketplace. It facilitates the process of adding sellers and keep track of their sales. Sellers can create their shop with a variety of products. Admin can easily set individual commission and global commission for all the sellers.

7. Stock Notifier App

With the help of this app, admin can manage the stock with proper notifications once the product reaches to the minimum quantity after which the product needs to be restocked. An email notification is sent to the customers also when the product is restocked.

Thus helps increase sales, as now the client will be aware of the product restock.

8. Ask A Question

This app, let the clients ask inquiries or any query associated with the product, and the Admin/Merchant will reply back with a suitable solution; thus making the shopping experience hassle free, reliable and trustworthy.

This way the number of support queries gets reduced hence increasing the sales.

9. Shopify Product Auction

With this, the admin can enable the bidding feature on products he wants to go for sale and can observe all the bids happening in the store from the app itself and much more.

With this magical app called Auction, which will facilitate the feature of bidding and auction of products on your e-commerce site. So don’t wait, install the app & start Bidding.

10. Social E-Commerce

Shopify Social E-commerce app permits your users to build a social profile of their own, share their thoughts, follow/unfollow others, comment, post, like/unlike products and much more on your Webstore.

Try these Best Shopify apps, and observe the results for few weeks, you will definitely notice a boost in your sales.

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