Shopify vs WordPress: Battle between Two Leading e-Commerce Platform

“I require establishing an e-commerce store … but should I use Shopify or WordPress?”

That’s a fairly obvious inquiry that I get mostly here at

Every day, more and more people think to launch their e-commerce stores, but almost instantly they’re met with more inquiries than answers.

What platform should I use?

Will I have to pay any fees?

What are the pros and cons of Shopify vs. WordPress?


Like with other things in life, the precise answer to whether you should proceed with Shopify or WordPress is this: It depends…

I know you dislike that answer as much as I do, but hold on, with the precise answer out of the way, we can now focus on the useful one.

So let’s jump into the issue and see when it’s beneficial to use Shopify over WordPress, for whom it’s performing to be a better solution, and why would you even consider Shopify (or WordPress) in the first place.

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We analyzed and compared WordPress and Shopify in all the possible perspectives to help you decide between them.

1. Ease Of Use – Which One Is Faster?

Shopify is one of the fastest e-commerce platforms supported by a strong back-end team. Your online shopping store developed on Shopify’s e-commerce platform will load faster as compared to any other web store.

Customers are paying particular attention to the speed of running a website as quick loading website save their time and energy.

WordPress e-commerce platform or Woocommerce require a well-coded website to stand in competition with Shopify on the ground of speed.

Therefore, while using a self-hosted e-commerce platform base for your online shopping store requires a qualified and experienced web designer.

Enthusiastic and committed web developer can keep a check that your online shopping store is working at its peak potential level at all times.

2. Cost Of Operating In WordPress Vs Shopify

While commencing a small online shopping store, budget performs an essential role in the decision of spending on resources. Although Shopify wins over WordPress in speed, its charges lose out to WordPress balancing the game.

After developing your online shopping store with WordPress, you can sell as many products as you want with no transaction costs. WordPress generates an attractive banner with “Free” flashing over it.

Shopify charges monthly fees for operating your online shopping store and a commission on every transaction. Additionally, if your transactions are done from credit cards, there is an extra fee charged for it.

WordPress website might not give your customers the fastest loading online shopping store, but it will raise your profits bypassing Shopify’s fees.

3. Creating A Customized Online Shopping Store, WORDPRESS Vs SHOPIFY

WordPress online shopping store is simple to customize. You can add new buttons, customize looks and create a better experience for your e-commerce visitors.

On the other hand, Shopify’s e-commerce platform comes customized which’s hard to modify.

Shopify looks good as it comes but for re-arranging, editions, or any change on the website you need complex coding.

While WordPress is the best e-commerce platform compared to any other leading e-commerce platforms for simple Customization.

Side-By-Side Comparison

WordPress Shopify
Blogging website with WooCommerce extension Designed as an eCommerce platform
Users must hunt support from online forums and other users Users have access to Shopify’s support team
Must be hosted from another website with own security Hosted, secure platform
Low costs Low costs (monthly plan fee, transaction fee)
Useful for blogging and SEO Can build a blog as needed, but focus is on eCommerce
Limited selection of themes, many of which cost money Broad selection of themes, many free
Best for small or medium-sized businesses Suitable for small or medium-sized businesses


Shopify Vs WordPress Vs WooCommerce: The conclusion?

If you are a small business owner with additional disposable income and less time to dedicate to building a website, it might be a better choice to go with Shopify.

Additionally, Shopify might be the best choice for local businesses that are not looking to develop their services beyond their surrounding market.

But if you have a custom integration that you require to get your business to work and are on a modest budget, you will require taking a look at WooCommerce and WordPress as your alternative of choice.

For winning fame among users that are looking for your solution, the SEO options cannot be beaten by the WordPress and WooCommerce tools.

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