• 40+ SMS Marketing Templates to Follow

40+ SMS Marketing Templates to Follow

Mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life, and as of today, we cannot imagine living without them. In fact, more than 80 percent of people check their mobile phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up every morning.

As mobile and smartphones are used all across the world, SMS marketing was never more relevant than now. SMS marketing involves sending an amazing text message to a large group of targeted people for better conversions and overall return on investment.

But, what makes SMS amazing?

There is no specific answer to this question; however, there are many SMS templates for marketing that have proven to be useful for many brands and organizations.

All of them include call-to-action, contact number, name, and a short link to the sender’s website.

However, just adding a few common call-to-action triggers in an SMS won’t be beneficial, the call-to-action should create a sense of urgency and resonate with the end users.

Here is the list of 40+ ready-to-use SMS templates for marketing:

  • SMS Templates for Marketing and Promotion

The SMS templates for marketing and promotion are eye-catching, have a call-to-action, and also informs about the product or service effectively.

You can track their performance and edit them according to your needs and subscriber’s response.

  1. Sales

Sam’s Clothing store is having a sale – Purchase 5 and get 2 Free until the end of November. Visit Sam’s Clothing store today to get your favorite t-shirt.


Image Source – firetext

  1. Loyalty Programme

Get amazing discounts on tasty dinner specials — text “Dinner” to 113-324-355 and get an additional 10% off on your next order.

  1. Events

Visit our water park with your kid this summer and get a 30% discount on the entry fee. Call us to book your ticket: 334-4354-234.

  1. Opening Times

No need to leave your office early to buy your new shirt! Mahi’s Clothing store is now open till 10 pm.

  1. New Website

Now you can shop while travelling! ABC is now on mobile. Best deals for the next five days, hurry m.abc.com.

  1. Subscription Invitation

Subscribe to Nirmala collection to know about the latest offers and discounts. Click here to know more.

  1. Contest

What is the name of the mobile phone which was released on 12-09-18? Text “Your Answer” to 2121323 and win exciting prices.  

  • Appointment Reminders

Most of the people are unable to remember their appointment and other important events, so you need to give them a friendly nudge.

The appointment reminders are usually very effective as people respond to these quickly as compared to the other ones.

You need to include the exact time and date, location of the appointment in the SMS. Below are the best SMS marketing templates for reminders.


Image Source – salon-software

  1. Hair Salons

You have booked a haircut today at 4 pm. This is a reminder to please be on time. For any queries, please call 5621236589.

  1. Dentists

Your appointment with Dr. S Sangvi is scheduled for November 12, 5:00 pm. ABC Hospital, 565-9656-953.

  1. Banks

Bank of ABC reminds you of your appointment with bank manager Mr. S Srikar on Saturday, 15th of June at 11:00 am. You can call on 956-9656-985 to adjust your timing further.

  1. Massage Spa

Dear Mr. Ravi, your Thai massage is scheduled at 6 pm today. Please come 15 minutes earlier. You can contact at 121-956-6544 if you want to change the time.

  1. Real Estate Agents

Mr. Ravi from ABC Real Estate will show you a house at 5 pm tomorrow. Contact at 525-6956-965 if you want to change the time.

  1. Hiring Agencies

Your interview has been scheduled at R Infotech at 10 am this Monday on 51 Skylark Road. You can call on 256-9855-654  if you have difficulty in finding the office.

  • SMS Notifications and Alerts

SMS notifications and alerts are very effective when you are targeting a returning user. The brands or businesses which send short and simple alerts are considered as trustworthy.

Select any on the given SMS templates for marketing and customize it according to your needs and requirements.


Image Source – reportacrime

  1. Notifications by Bank

Your new debit card has been issued and will be delivered to your residence within the next 10 days.

  1. Notifications for packages

Your package or order SA-23456 has been delivered to 51 Mason Street by the ABC logistics. Kindly reply if you haven’t received your package.

  1. Delivery Reminder

Your mobile has been dispatched from the Bengaluru warehouse. Expected date of arrival: 12 March 2019. If you want to receive your delivery somewhere else, please call at 1232434343.

  1. Account Status

Rs. 500 has been transferred to your account. It may take 2-3 hours for the funds to appear in your account.

  1. Cancellation Notification

We regret to inform you that the yoga training session has been canceled for today as the trainer is not available. If you want we can schedule a training session tomorrow at 5 pm. Please reply to confirm.

  • SMS confirmation templates

SMS confirmations like the notifications help in increasing the trustworthiness of your brand or business. It is used for many purposes including confirming flight bookings, payments, hotels, etc.

This type of text message has information such as name, booking id, company name, link to your website, and others.


Image Source – zenoti

  1. Flight reminder

Your tickets have been booked for the flight A3-2323. The boarding for your flight starts at 5:30 pm on 14-05-19. Enjoy your flight, ABC Airlines.

  1. Flight timing changes

Dear Mr. Hans. Your flight 23232 will be delayed for 5 hours. Please contact on the number 51-8956-854 for further information.

  1. Hotel Booking Confirmation

Your booking has been confirmed at hotel ABCDE. We are expecting you on 14th October 2019. Thank you.

  1. Cab booking confirmation

Your cab has been booked. The car XY1232 will reach to your destination within 15 minutes.

  1. Payment Confirmation

We have received the payment for the purchase of the product ABC. We hope you continue shopping with us.

  • Payment Reminders

It’s important to remind your customers for the payments, but it should not look like you are asking the money directly. Frame the message in such a way that they do not feel offended.

Try to keep your message as short and simple as possible and follow the business texting etiquette efficiently.


Image Source – vcita

  1. Insurance Due Reminder

Your payment for the insurance 123456 is overdue. Please contact us on 21321321 for more details.

  1. Loan Due Date Reminder

This message is to remind you that you have missed your last month payment. You can contact us now 212121, ABC group.

  1. Defaulted Loan Reminder

The loan 12313 taken on 12-12-15 is now in default. Contact us to know more.

  1. Payment Plan Reminder

We regret to inform you that your loan balance is still outstanding. Please contact us to repay the loan.

  1. Unpaid Invoice Reminder

We are yet to receive payment for the invoice 211321. You can contact us at 21312312.

  • Banking Templates

If you have a bank account, then you might be checking it regularly. You would not want to miss any message regarding the latest offers and discounts.

Your customer would want the information about his balance or monthly transactions. Therefore, you need to inform in the shortest form possible.

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Image Source – zeenews

  1. Balance Information

Rs. 2434 is available in your bank account. For more information visit our website at abc.com.

  1. Transaction details

Your payment for ABC has been completed on 12-12-18 for the amount Rs. 500. Your balance is Rs. 10,000.

  1. Fraud Alerts

Someone from the number 21xxxx212 tried to log in your account. Please call us if it was not you.

  1. Deposit Alerts

Rs. 5000 has been deposited into your bank account by Mr. XVY. To check your balance visit abcsd.com.

  1. High-balance Alert

The balance in your current account is about to exceed the given limit. To change your limits contact us at 1223123123.

  1. Low Balance Alerts

The balance of your account is low. Please deposit some money to avoid any fines.

  • Staff Communication

Most of the organizations use SMS to communicate with the staffs. It notifies the employees in case of emergency or shares nice watches SMS greetings.

Try to keep your SMS short and include only the important information. Below are some of the SMS templates which can be used for staff communication purposes.


Image Source – snapcomms

  1. Event notification

The event ABC has been scheduled on 10-12-19. To book your tickets visit – abccompany.com/event.

  1. Season greetings

Dear Hans, ABC company wishes you Happy Diwali. We have added 10 points to your loyalty card. See you soon.

  1. SMS Vouchers

Happy Birthday, Sam! Show this SMS to ABC Cafe and get a 50% discount off your lunch. Have a great day.

  1. Delivery pickup confirmation

Your delivery is scheduled at 5:00 p.m. Please be available.

  1. Postponed Meeting

Dear ABC, the office meeting has been postponed to Tuesday at 5 pm. Please arrive at the office 10 minutes early.

  1. Staff Request

The company would request you to do a night shift today. If you have any query, contact HR at 12323232.

  1. SMS Polls

Vote for the position of the new manager! Text A, B, or C to 454-656-6956. The results will be declared on 12-12-18 at 5 pm.

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The Final Say

These were the best SMS templates for marketing which you can use it in your business.

The templates will help you in communicating with your audience effectively and also increase the overall conversion rates and revenue of your business.

All you need to do is just the appropriate one from the collection of SMS templates for marketing and edit it according to your needs and requirements.


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