Social Media Marketing Tips to Make Your Small Business a Success

In 2019 traditional avenues of marketing will undoubtedly be overshadowed by social media marketing for sure. The power of social media can be understood by recent statistics which tell that more than half of social media users interact in some way with a brand at least once a month.

Presently, more than 80% of establishments are making use of social media for advertising their brand globally.

Most businesses have an account on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. However, this is not enough for a successful social media marketing campaign.

Much more needs to be done and the audience has to be actively engaged. A business must be more than present on social media; it has to tell a narrative story about its products and various offerings.

Various vital elements have to be mastered to deliver well working social media marketing.

Essential Social Media Marketing Tips to Consider

1. A big Focus on Content Creation

The most important part of any social media marketing campaign is content. Content is the principal reason and very probably the only reason why the target audience would choose to follow or visit the page.

The most crucial part is that the content has to be regularly updated with new information. The frequency, of course, varies depending on the social media site. In the case of Facebook 2-3 posts per week is enough whereas for Twitter it is 2-3 tweets per day.

The social media page appears dead otherwise, and the target audience will lose interest.

Among social media marketing tips, it also must be noted that any content is not enough to attract visitors. The material has to be engaging and tell a compelling story. It must either help customers in some way or provide useful information.

If this is not happening, you apparently have to rethink your digital marketing strategy. It is impossible to satisfy every member of the target audience with the same post, so they have to be varied.

Some have to provide information, and others have to be helpful or be entertaining.


2. Listen through Social Media

Customer service is a large part of your social media marketing strategy.  It is a good business idea, but unfortunately, very few companies use it as a tool for redressing customer grievances.

Those that do use it for customer service, frequently do not reply quickly or reply with some sort of canned response and shelve the issue.

Prompt customer service through social media is crucial to managing your image in the eyes of the customers, says experts on social media marketing tips.

The major problem is that most companies do not have sufficient human resources to attend to the complaints they receive through social media. But it is difficult to have a client understand this. They would just move on to a competitor if they feel they did not get a good deal.

3. Paid Advertising on Social Media

Marketing professionals are finding it an uphill battle to try and reach their target audience through organic growth of followers. Paid social networking is now a common strategy in digital marketing.

Paid social media means content or advertisement which has been placed strategically on the target audience’s page though payment to the social media site. According to the best social media marketing tips, it serves to make the presence of your social media page stronger on different platforms.

In the same way as traditional advertising, social media advertising is a great way to increase the awareness of your brand and have growth of traffic to your site.

You may ask what the advantage of paid advertising on social media is compared to traditional advertising?

It allows you to target the audience correctly based on geo-location, age, and other distinguishing features such as their visits to particular types of websites or their interests.

Social media advertising pays dividends by allowing you to advertise based on behavioral data.

4. Cross-platform Promotion

You need to link one social media platform to another such as share your Twitter account in Facebook and vice versa. You can use plugins to do this or directly share the links.

It allows consumers to interact with you using the platform they feel more comfortable with. Facebook is meant for those who desire lengthy contents and description and Instagram by those who prefer an image to do all the talking. Connecting with all types of audience in this manner is vital.

5. Research your Target Audience

Regardless of which platform you are using for your promotion the first step is identifying for whom the content is meant.

Are they young teens or young adults or middle-aged?

What do they prefer and why would they prefer to visit your site?

What are you offering them and how can your brand be positioned on social media.

Social media marketing tips demand that you know the answer to these critical points before you embark on a social media marketing campaign.

6. Personal Response to Negative Reviews

Pay close attention to negative reviews. They have the power to make or break your online image.

Read them carefully and always answer them politely and try to figure out what went wrong. Accept valid criticism gratefully and never get into an argument.

Remember whatever you respond with is going to be read probably by thousands of people. There is no privacy in the age of social media, and that is a lesson well worth remembering.

7. Use Data-Based Analysis

Without tracking the data of a social media marketing campaign, you cannot measure the success of your marketing strategies on social networks.

Google Analytics is a recommended social media marketing tool that helps you measure and determine the most effective social media marketing strategies that may be inappropriate.

Besides, most social media platforms now have integrated data analysis tools that help companies track the progress, success, and participation of their marketing efforts.

So be sure to use these tools on all social platforms to streamline your marketing strategies on current or future social networks.


8. If in Doubt, Outsource

You are running a business, and it is quite impossible for you to generate great content for several social media platforms.

The need of the day is to outsource it. Use a good digital media marketing and management company to look after the necessity of creating Facebook posts and tweets.

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Social media is becoming an increasingly popular and effective marketing medium for companies of all sizes and types to reach their potential customers.

With social media, you can talk directly with your audience and interact with them more efficiently and profitably concerning the products or services.

The excellent marketing campaign in social networks can bring great success to your business by creating an impressive brand image and generating more sales.


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