Winning Ideas About Social Media Marketing For Business

Basically, marketing on social networks includes all marketing actions that you implement on social platforms.

So, as long as it involves Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn then it’s marketing on social networks. In addition, most of the actions taken are not specific to social networks. You just have to adapt your overall marketing approach to this type of platform.

The question is no longer whether to be there but how to take advantage of it. Social networks have become essential in the communication strategy and customer relations of any company.

However, before becoming an ace at the art social selling – the art of transforming its presence on social networks into sales and business – the company must invest in it, both through human and financial resources.

Here are some ways to proceed –

Adopt a Strategy

Many companies are starting out on social networks by imitation because a competitor is already doing it. It is a mistake to do so since social networks are a genuine form of media in their own right and must be considered as such in a communication plan.

For the company, the presence on social networks becomes mandatory, but it must be part of an overall communication strategy.

Without a thoughtful process before commencing, there is a great risk to fall into purely virtual networking, which is inefficient and sometimes counterproductive.

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A Mechanism to Build Customer Relations

A comprehensive strategy makes it possible to define the objectives to be achieved by its presence on social networks. With the creation of a community, social networks are very effective in brand loyalty or even a product in particular.

A strategy aimed at generating loyalty is also called social CRM (customer relationship management), which makes sense thanks to the specific nature of social networks.

The company must be close to its customers, promote interactivity with its community and be benevolent even in case of criticism is a major part of social media marketing for business.

The digital is often separated from the human capital while the two are well integrated together and difficult to tell apart. In a network, if the offer, the service, the personality and the state of mind come together in unison, the generation of business will naturally take its place.

Make Customers Into Spokespersons

The goal is for the satisfied customer to become a spokesperson for the brand elsewhere by relaying messages on their social networks.

Be careful though, since communication is reciprocal on social networks. An unsatisfied customer can also express himself. In this case, it is better to respond to criticism as quickly as possible and without particular animosity.

Responding to blame is a rather positive point for the reputation of the company. Turning a deaf ear to complaints can instead fuel the negative comments.

Be in it as a Means to an End

Social networks are useful communication tools for businesses for informing, expressing themselves, making themselves known, interacting with their customers, but it is also important to know that it is an investment over time and that the return which accrues to the business is not necessarily immediate.

But we must always focus on the qualitative to the quantitative.

Invest in the Long Term

In any case, as for any other communication tool that the company wants to use, an effective presence on social networks requires a financial and human investment.

This is a reality that is not necessarily understood by all managers. It is true that the registration to a social network is free and that more and more people are using it to express themselves daily.  

Developing a corporate presence on social networks involves both technical skills in computer science, the mastery of community management and a communication or marketing agency for written and visual content.

A company does not express itself in the same way that everyone can do it, in their personal lives, on their social network. The company needs to set a target, choose the right social networks for its goals, and tell what others want to hear to unite a community.

Professionalize the Approach

By bringing in professionals to manage the social media presence, the company will be able to generate new commercial spinoffs and increase customer loyalty.

For that, we must master the specificities of each social network that could interest the company. It does not necessarily have to be present everywhere and must focus on social networks in line with its target and its objectives.

  • LinkedIn is ideal for developing a business network and as part of a B2B oriented business. It is also the most suitable network for recruiting new employees.
  • Facebook, which is very popular is a must for B2C activities. Facebook is interesting for two reasons: the company can create its page and fill it with content for free, but it can also choose to broadcast paid advertising campaigns. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network offers very advanced targeting possibilities based on user data and tracking tools such as the Facebook pixel.
  • Twitter, for its part, is ideal for more communication in the nature of announcements, public relations, and media in particular.
  • We must not forget other networks such as Instagram which is growing in popularity and which is interesting for the purpose of loyalty. Instagram is more focused on the visual, is well suited to mainstream consumer products. For example, a brand can value its community but also its employees by reposting their publications, which is an excellent way to retain customers and appreciate those who work for it. In a general way, it is also interesting to use corporate social networks to share employees’ personal publications.
  • Finally, Youtube should not be neglected and can be used where video brings an advantage, for example with educational films presenting its products.
  • Snapchat is dedicated to temporary content, taken on the spot. It is, for example, interesting to put forward its collaborators in their activities directed towards the customer, to post contents taken on the spot.

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Publish Content Regularly on Various Networks

Another critical point is the regularity of publication. When you only have a few followers on your personal account, the consistency of publication is not essential, but it is critical to a corporate social network.

Few companies investigate the possibility of bringing in a community manager into their communication teams to understand how often they have to publish content.

The regularity of content is another crucial point to animate a community and grow it. We must strike a balance between the all-out publications that cause rejections and blockages, and the scarcity that leads to the disaffection of the public.

Here are some basic rules – on Twitter, 3 to 5 tweets a day can hold the attention. On Facebook, two daily posts help maintain the interest of the community.

For Snapchat and Instagram, it would take at least one daily publication. Youtube is the least greedy in terms of publication, a weekly video being a good rhythm for the channel.

Social Media Acts as an Accelerator of Digital Transformation

Finally, by integrating social networks into a more global strategy of digital transformation, the company will accelerate the diffusion of a digital culture among its employees.

More and more of them are, on a personal level, present on social networks and will be proud to see their company and community flourish there too.


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