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3 Social Media Marketing Platform To Expand Your Bottom-line

Facebook has 2.7 billion users. That is a well-known fact.

Do you also know that an average Facebook user has 160 friends and what they share about your business can make you known to 160 more potential clients?

Advertising on social networks is now essential to gain greater recognition and to reach a sizeable qualified target.

In fact, each social network platform has options for numerous segmentation and targeting criteria to achieve the most relevant prospects for your products and services.

If you want to advertise on social networks, but you wonder how it works, this discussion will allow you to discover the goals of the largest social networks for marketing.

Finally, you will also find below the different formats and objectives of advertising possible according to each social network.

What are the benefits of advertising on social media?

  • Specific targeting
  • Development of your image and your public relations
  • Prospecting and acquisition of new customers
  • A strong return on investment
  • Measurable performance indicators
  • Lower costs than other marketing avenues

Why advertise on social networks?

You are thinking about advertising on social networks, but you wonder if your campaign will be useful and reach your target?

Social networks make it possible to work your visibility and to advertise can help you in your sales objectives. Digital advertising campaigns are a stepping stone to your sales because they drive traffic to your company’s site.

This traffic attracts more visitors and therefore increases your chances of converting to new customers.

Advertising on social networks also allows you to accurately target the people you want to reach, based on specific criteria.

Finally, it is now essential to integrate social networks into its marketing strategy because they represent an indispensable communication channel at the moment.

How to advertise on social networks?

Different types of social media marketing have their own advertising network and offer services adapted to that platform.

The advantage of going through these parameters lies mainly in the segmentation they offer with great precision, a high level of configuration and a complete dashboard.


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Advertise on Facebook

Why advertise on Facebook?

The US giant Facebook is an excellent platform to reach a wide audience. With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the first social network.

The advertising network of Facebook now offers a wide variety of advertising formats, allowing you to diversify your campaigns and reach a broader target.

Facebook advertising also helps generate visits to your website but also to promote your enterprise at a local level through the localization targeting.

The main advantage of Facebook lies in its vast community and its qualified surgical targeting.

How to advertise on Facebook?

On Facebook, there are two ways to advertise:

  • Promote an existing  content
  • Create an ad from the Facebook ad network.

The promotion of existing content is done by “boosting” the publication chosen in the publication parameters.

This button will give you access to all parameters including targeting. It will also allocate a budget and duration to this boost. This format is the easiest and fastest way to advertise on Facebook.

The second way to advertise on Facebook is to go through Facebook’s advertising network. This advertising campaign management platform will give you the opportunity to fully customize your content, targets, and 

budgets, with the possibility of creating ad groups.

Advertise on Twitter

Why advertise on Twitter?

With more than 140 million tweets exchanged daily, 20% directly linked to products or brands, Twitter is the perfect social network to interact with consumers.

For companies, Twitter is an opportunity to establish a real marketing strategy in real time to improve its reputation and reach a wide audience. Twitter Ads, the advertising network of this social network, helps support companies in this direction.

Many targeting criteria are allowed by this platform:

  • Interests
  • Users similar to followers
  • The geo-localization
  • Gender and more

These criteria allow for excellent targeting that increases the chances of prospect conversions.

Several advertising solutions are also available to meet your objectives:

  • Community recruitment
  • Improving visibility
  • The traffic increase
  • The main advantage of Twitter lies in its vast community and its well known surgical targeting of users.

How to advertise on Twitter?

To advertise on Twitter, you need to create a Twitter account and go to the site of the control, Twitter Ads.

Three advertising formats are available to promote your brand, with very different goals:

Sponsored accounts help recruit a qualitative community by improving the visibility of the Twitter account. These sponsored accounts highlight the company’s account in the “suggestions” and “who to follow” sections.

This type of campaign remains accessible with an average cost per follower of 0.85 USD.

Promoted tweets have better visibility in the news feed. They, therefore, reach a broader audience than their own community.

Finally, sponsored trends generate better engagement and conversion rates. This type of format is used in television programs.

As with the other two platforms seen previously, after choosing and creating the ad formats you can refine your audience and spread your budget by campaigns or ad group.

Then comes the last step in the life of your advertising campaigns on social networks: performance analysis and optimization.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Why advertise on LinkedIn?

With more than 150 million users and 2 million business profiles, LinkedIn is today the most extensive professional social network and a boon for companies that want to develop their digital marketing in the B2B arena.

Many groups on professional themes are present, which offers you the possibility of contact with qualified prospects. The chances of conversion are so great if the targeting of your campaign is successful.

LinkedIn Ads management allows you to make advertisements in different formats to choose between image, text, and video. Using LinkedIn as part of its digital marketing strategy is a good option for targeting executives or executives by targeting business experiences or business lines.

The main advantage of LinkedIn lies in its professional community and its targeting.


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How to advertise on LinkedIn?

To advertise on LinkedIn, visit its LinkedIn Ads advertising channel. This space will allow you to manage all your advertising campaigns. Creating an advertising campaign is relatively easy and quick to set up.

You will need to create an advertising account for your company in the “Campaign Manager” and link a business page.

Once all this is in place, you can choose the advertising format you want to put in place from the proposed catalogue of services.

  • Sponsored updates – To create an advertisement appearing in the news feed. It’s the richest and most visible format, but it’s also the most expensive format!
  • Text ads – This format makes it possible to realize advertisements made of texts only. This type of setup allows for precise targeting and wider viewing.
  • Sponsored email – These are advertisements in the form of messages, which appear directly in the mail of the targeted user.

After choosing the advertising format, then comes the choice of your targeting. A delicate step that will determine whether or not your advertising campaign on LinkedIn will be a success.

It is therefore essential to understand your target audience. Allocate a budget to a campaign of your choice and then guide the optimizations.

Analyze performance and optimize your ads on social networks

It is not enough to create ads on social networks and let them run hoping that it works. After a certain period (in the best case three months), it is possible to analyze the performances of your campaigns thanks to tables generated by the boards.

The point is to understand the performance of your campaigns based on key performance indicators (KPIs ) to optimize them and achieve your marketing objectives.

Your KPIs flow directly from your goals:

  • The click-through rate on your ads
  • The conversion rate thanks to your ads
  • The engagement rate on your ads
  • The number of impressions of your ads

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As we have seen in this discussion, advertising on social networks makes it possible to establish a real digital marketing strategy and meets several objectives: recruiting a community, increasing the traffic on its website and its conversion rates, improving its reputation

With a reasonable cost, this type of advertising can reach a qualified target to meet your needs and objectives. Now indispensable for prospecting and establishing contact, social networks are undeniably useful tools for your business.


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