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Awesome Social Media Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

It has become simply unavoidable not to integrate social media into a viable marketing strategy. By being present on social networks, companies are forced to find a way to address internet users which is an essential step for this new generation connected to the daily.

But embarking on social media is not easy, or at least this strategy should not be left to chance.

Beyond the creation of a page or account, the presence on social media networks must follow specific steps in order to be carried out and to be able to target the people really interested in the brand.

1. Determine Your Goals

As in any marketing strategy, before you start you have to know where you are going.

Why do you have to launch your brand on social networks?

To recruit more customers obviously but, more concretely, what do you want to do with your new fans and followers?

Offer them information in preview or discounts?

On the other hand, the use of social networks will raise the profile of your company, but how do you want to do it?

If you initially want to focus on increasing the traffic on your website, you will need to understand the expectations of users to respond to your site and thus share it on different social networks. In any case, your goals on social networks must be determined well before any other action.

2. Where are the Buyers?

Getting started on social networks is good but it is impossible to get started on all social media networks simultaneously, and the worst would be to embark on a social media network irrelevant to the brand.

Indeed, a waste of time and energy could be fatal for your business’ social media marketing strategy.

It is not enough to know on which social networks but also to know where will be the targeted buyers in each social network.

Thus, observing the spheres that are formed around topics related to the brand or even resorting to search the accounts of competitors, could be interesting.

In order to find buyers on social networks, it is first and foremost necessary to have a good knowledge of the different social networks and to understand what the internet users expect on each of them.

Facebook – On this social network, it is about creating a real brand personality, probably even more intense than on other social networks. Indeed, Facebook does not focus only on the possibilities of content sharing but especially on the links created between users.

Twitter – Information can be easily and quickly announced on this social network. So, on the one hand, we need to know what information to share and when to prevent this information from being submerged under other, less critical tweets.

On the other hand, care must be taken to control what is shared about the brand, because wrong information can be retweeted at an impressive speed.

LinkedIn – You have to use this network to boost the professional image of the company. This network can be beneficial for recruiting new talent but is not suitable for less professional information

Instagram – The primary use of Instagram is being able to present visually captivating content. It is not suitable for sharing offers or discounts but vivid images of the product line. It is not very ideal for promoting services.

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3. Who are the Influencers?

Before you really get started on social networks, it is essential to identify the influencers who can very quickly become the ambassadors of your brand.

So, the first step would be to find the communities which are already in existence around the topics related to the brand. In these communities are often influencers with thousands of followers or friends.

The information they share is often replicated at breakneck speed by the community to which they belong. This could save the company time in spreading its messages and developing the publicity around the products and services.

It is very interesting to offer information in the preview as a test to these so-called influential people on social networks and research their reach and importance. Also, Read Aboud Indian Influencers

Social Media Marketing Strategies

4. Share Responsibilities.

The entire company is going to be involved in customer management if you use social media marketing.

Sharing tasks across multiple people could make interactions on social networks more efficient. However, although many people can manage the company’s presence on the networks, the messages must remain consistent.

In addition, distributing tasks on social networks and involving more members of the company will make it possible to integrate the marketing strategy on social networks into the overall marketing strategy of the company.

Thus, it will increase the consistency and involvement of the entire company on these platforms.

5. Create Different Accounts.

Now, it is the time to create different accounts and that, of course, must happen after having understood the relevance of each social network for the company.

By creating your business’ accounts on social networks, do not hesitate to equip yourself with tools that can simplify your task.

Hootsuite offers, for example, a tool that will allow you to control all your social media marketing accounts from one location.

After having created different accounts, do not hesitate to inform the existing customers by sending an e-mail or private messages within these social networks.

6. Establish a Content Strategy.

What do you intend to share?

Offers about your brand, news about an upcoming product or do you have time to create a blog and create your own content?

And especially when would you like to share this content?

All these questions are essential to avoid mistakes on social networks or to waste time looking for information to share at the last moment.

The content to share obviously depends on each company and a successful strategy by one brand will not work correctly for another. It is therefore essential to test different ways to proceed before finding the right one.

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7. Evaluate the Metrics to Consider.

On social networks almost everything is measurable. For example, with Facebook Insight, you have access to a wide range of statistics about visitors on your page.

These statistics let you know when to share, what style of information or what form of posts are most viewed – status, images, videos or links.

For Twitter, it is also easy to find plugins that allow you to find the right way to publish. Among other things, Buffer helps you find the time of day when your tweets get the most attention.

Here is an example of Instagram tracker by Falcon which shows the growth rate of followers and the increment in new followers in a given time period.


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Personalizing your accounts on social networks will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

It’s not only about looking after the design aspect but above all about creating a personality that will make an impression. Indeed, one could think that a brand, unlike a person, could not create a personality on social networks.

Yet many brands have managed to stand out by their originality. On social networks, we must find a way to be able to create a buzz. It is after all about publicity, and that has to be at all times the prime objective.


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