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4 Steps For Successful Promotional And Transactional SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has taken the world by storm due to the amazing benefits they offer. It is one of the most powerful tools to reach and interact with your customers and to increase your sales and revenue.

India is considered one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world with 14% annual growth. The mobile advertising market has grown significantly in recent years, and more businesses have started using SMS for promotional and transactional purposes.

Bulk SMS marketing is being used and implemented by both large and small enterprises to scale their business growth. Brands and companies use it to make new customers and to engage and interact with existing customers.

There are primarily two types of bulk SMS marketing:

  1. Transactional SMS

If you perform a transaction with your debit card, then you get an automated message from the bank. Right?

The message you received is known as transactional SMS. Banking and finance companies mostly use it.

It is used to inform you about instant notifications about your bank account. The transactional texts are automated with an SMS software that automatically gets delivered based on a trigger from the customer’s end.


For example, Amazon and other online stores use triggered SMS confirmations when you make a payment on their website.

When a brand or business send transactional SMS to the customers, it builds trust which ultimately benefits them.

It is a key differentiator for companies and enterprises who want to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. These type of messages can be sent to the DND mobile numbers as well.

  1. Promotional SMS

If you have a unique product or provide the best services in the market, but don’t know how to promote your business effectively, then it will be challenging to get new customers or clients.

Hence, you can use promotional SMS to accelerate your marketing campaign. It is considered a multipurpose tool which involves different types of promotional content to reach your targeted customers.


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As technology is advancing, new promotional methods are being developed. Bulk promotional SMS is very effective in reaching a large group of people instantly.

With the help of promotional SMS, you can send a message to anyone in any part of the world. You even don’t need an internet connection to send promotional SMS to your audience.

It is one of the easiest and effective ways to update your customer or client regarding the status of your work.

If you send the promotional SMS to a highly targeted audience, then you can effortlessly increase the sales and revenue of your business.

It is flexible and adjustable to almost every sector of industries including education, retail, construction, healthcare, and many more.

Transactional SMS Vs. Promotional SMS:

Transactional SMS is used for several purposes including sending OTPs, payment alerts, orders, urgent texts, and others. They are not focused on marketing a product or services.

Promotional SMS is used to send information about exclusive offers, discounts, coupons, and other promotions.

The transactional SMS are delivered on all the mobile numbers irrespective of the DND status. However, promotional SMS cannot be sent to a DND activated mobile number, and you need to also get the user’s approval before sending any advertisement messages.

Transactional SMS can be sent at any time of the day, but the promotional ones can only be delivered between 9 am to 9 pm.

You can choose any six-alpha character ID to send a transactional SMS, but they should be related to your business.

On the other hand, there is no choice of selecting a Sender ID in promotional SMS. The telecom service provides a six-digit ID randomly.

Hence, there is no clear winner in Transactional SMS Vs. Promotional SMS battle, both are used for different purposes by various industries and organizations.

How to Get the Best from Promotional and Transactional SMS Marketing?

There is always an ongoing debate of transactional SMS Vs. promotional SMS among industry experts. However, as both, the SMS marketing methods are cost-effective and result-oriented, the use of bulk SMS services is on the rise in India.

The SMS marketing platform allows sharing information in different ways including coupons, offers, reminders, feedback, etc.

Here are the four steps for a successful promotional and transactional SMS marketing campaign in 2019 and beyond:

  1. Build your audience and customer database

If you want to run a successful SMS campaign, the first thing you need to do is build your audience database.

It should include all the relevant information such as name, mobile number, address, date of birth, occupation, gender, email, interest, and others.

All these data helps in engaging the audience to perform the following activities:

  • After every transaction, send a “Thank You” message. At the end of the SMS do provide your contact information so that the customer can reach you.
  • Send text message of exclusive offers, discounts, and latest products.
  • Send them messages on important occasions such as birthdays, festivals, and others.


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  • Don’t always think of your business – you can send them a message about anything that provides value such as traffic update, etc. This may seem irrelevant, but it’s important to show the “human side” of your company as it builds customer trust.
  1. Refer to your company site

You can use promotional and transaction SMS to get people to visit your company’s website.

It will not only help in increasing the traffic of your site but will also help your website to rank higher in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and others.

The customers will also learn about your business which will help in making a better purchase decision.

Hence, use a link at the end of your SMS to let people know that you have a website. It increases the trust factor which is very important in making a business successful.

  1. Have an adjustable and flexible approach

The tone of your promotional and transaction SMS should be likable. Be flexible with your content so that you can tweak your strategy whenever required.

You can also experiment by sending different message copies to different audience groups. Use the one which provides a better result.

Also, research about the needs and requirements of your audience to find what type of content is liked by them.

  1. Use the sender ID effectively

The sender ID is the most crucial part of your SMS which informs your customer where the message came from.

Use your business name as your sender ID because most of your customer recognize a company with its name.


In the transactional SMS, it’s almost mandatory to use your full or a part of your business name in the sender ID.

However, in the promotional SMS, most of the message service provider use a random ID, therefore have a chat and ask them to include your company or business name in the ID.

It is also not advisable to send more than one SMS every twenty minutes from the same sender ID to the same mobile number.

Final Thoughts

All types of businesses are utilizing bulk SMS marketing because it is the simplest way to initiate a buying process.

As the competition is increasing, it’s important to experiment and find new and creative ways to reach out to the customers. Most of the enterprises use SMS for promotional purposes whereas some use for sending notifications.

You need to select which among transactional SMS and promotional SMS best suits your business requirement and needs.

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