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Spread The Business Word Around With a Bulk SMS Sender

Bulk SMS has become the number one marketing choice for many industries and businesses these days. It is replacing the traditional telemarketing campaigns which at times becomes very annoying.

It is a cheap promotional SMS strategy as you can send a single text message to hundreds or thousands of users from a unique sender id.

Bulk SMS helps you to target several customers with a single approach than making multiple efforts to reach different users.

The trust and loyalty of a customer is the foundation for the success of any business, and SMS is the best way to keep in touch with them without compromising on their privacy.

It is especially helpful for new businesses and startups who want to keep their audience up to date about the latest happenings and offers.

Why Should Businesses use Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an effective way to increase the reach and get new customers for any business.

But what makes it so effective?

Here are some of the reasons why bulk SMS should be used by business all over the world:

1.Fast & Reliable

With the help of bulk SMS, you send messages to thousands of users within a couple of seconds. No other marketing channels are as responsive as SMS.

It is also very reliable, as the text messages that are sent by the telecom operators and SMS service providers have very less chance of getting stuck in between.

2. Highly Targeted

SMS, unlike other marketing platforms, is very effective in reaching the right people. Bulk SMS can be delivered to a targeted audience with the most accuracy.

3. High Open & Response Rate

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The open rate of SMS is 99 percent whereas the other marketing channels such as email have an open rate of 22 percent. The response rate of SMS is also very high at 19 percent as compared to the email’s 4.2 percent.

4. High Conversion Rate

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According to a survey, more than 95% of the text messages are read within the first three minutes after receiving, and most of them are even read under five seconds.

5. No spam filters

In mobile devices there are no spam filters, so you can be sure that your messages are getting delivered to the targeted users.

In other marketing channels such as email, the promotional emails are kept under a separate tab which makes it difficult for the user to discover them instantly.

6. Customer Retention

Bulk SMS helps in retaining the existing customers. A business can send exclusive promotional SMS to their loyal customers to retain them.

Personalized communication helps in making the customer feel special which makes them purchase your product or services again.

7. Increased use of mobile phones

The number of mobile users in the country as well as in the world is continuously increasing. As of 2019, there are more than 813 million mobile phone users in India.

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Businesses and companies can use bulk SMS services to tap into the market and make the most out of it.

8. The Preferred Choice

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More than 75 percent of the customers prefer getting promotional offers through SMS compared to any other marketing channels. Therefore, you can say that SMS is the prefered choice of consumers.

9. Warmly Received

SMS marketing is known for the involvement of less spam content as compared to other marketing methods. Hence, people are more attentive to the SMS they received. In fact, the opt-out rate for text messages is less than 5 percent.

10. Constant communication

According to a survey, the average person in India spends at least three hours on mobile phones every day.

If a person spends so much time on their mobile phone, then they are more likely to read the SMS they receive. Hence, it’s essential for businesses to leverage the market to get the maximum benefit.

How different businesses and industries can use bulk SMS:

With the help of cheap promotional SMS, businesses can leverage countless benefits. Some of the major industries and companies that can use bulk SMS marketing effectively are:

  1. Agricultural industry

Nowadays, most of the people in the world have access to mobile devices. Businesses can highly benefit if they can perform SMS marketing effectively in the agricultural industry.

Businesses can send text messages to the farmers related to market prices alert, weather forecast alerts, air moisture alert, drought alerts, demand and supply alert, and many more.

2. Education Industry

Schools can use bulk SMS services to send notifications about the parents-teachers meeting, results, report cards, and other important information.

The different schools and coaching centers can keep their student updated with the latest news and information about exams, timings, etc.

The schools can also send admission forms, fee payment alerts, to the parents as well as students of the institution.

3. Entertainment Industry

This industry is grown very fast in the last few years. Digital marketers should tap this industry to make the most out of it.

With the help of cheap promotional SMS, you can inform the audience about the latest movie releases, movie reviews, best movies to watch, entertainment news, Bollywood gossips, celebs interview details, and man more.

As people in India love watching movies and follow their favourite celebrity, they will most probably read your promotional text messages.

4. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one such industry where using cheap promotional SMS and transactional text messages can be highly beneficial.

With the help of bulk SMS services, you can send messages related to health tips, body check up details, blood donation campaign details, polio drop dates, and many more.

The only thing you need to make sure is to verify the information which you send regarding healthcare because it is one such industry where sending misleading information can prove fatal to the users.

5. Automobile Industry

Businesses can send timely reminders for vehicle instalments, renew of bikes or cars insurance, and others. Customers can use SMS to register a complaint regarding vehicles or service station.

In case of emergencies, users can send SMS for getting any assistance or help.

6. Travel Industry

The travel companies can use cheap promotional SMS for sending holiday packages details, airfares, tourist spots, and others to the customers.

Travel agencies or cab businesses can send a text message to the drivers informing about the schedule of the day so that they do not get confused and lose track of customers.

7. Hotel Industry

In this industry, most of the business is related to daily and weekly meals. With the help of cheap promotional SMS, hotel and restaurant owners can inform their customers about the latest discounts and deals.

They can also send alerts and notifications regarding table reservation, locations, reviews from customers, and many more.

8. FMCG industry

The FMCG or the retail sector has grown significantly in recent years. There are several marketing strategies which can be used by the FMCG companies to target their user and inform them about the latest offers and discounts.

Business owners can send cheap promotional SMS regarding a new product launch, product delivery status, and others.

9. The Stock industry

Nowadays, many people invest in stock markets. With the help of bulk SMS services, businesses can notify the traders and investors about the fluctuating market prices, new IPO, investing and trading tips, and many more.

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The Final Say

Businesses are evolving in India at a much faster rate, and new methods and techniques are being employed by the business owners to stay ahead of their competitors.

As a business owner or marketer, you need to utilize the bulk SMS sender software efficiently to connect with a large of consumers quickly.

You can also customize the text messages with a bulk SMS sender software to make the text message look exclusive.

There are plenty of bulk SMS sender tools and software available in the market. Choose the one which offers has a reputation in the market and provides the best packages.

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