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How to update contact information in cPanel

To update your contact information in cPanel, follow these steps:

1. Login into cPanel.

2. Click on the Contact Information icon under Preferences section.

3. If you want to update your e-mail address, type the new address there.

Note: Do you know how to create and manage email address in cPanel? Let’s have a look here.

4. Under Contact Preferences, select the check boxes for the notifications that you want to receive.

5. The following notification options are available:

–  My account approaches its disk quota.

–  Any of my account’s email accounts approaches or is over quota.

–  My account’s password changes.

–  If the above option is disabled, notify me.

6. Click the Save button to record your changes.

That’s it. Now you will be notified by email when getting close to storage and bandwidth limits.

Updated on April 23, 2019

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