12 Effective Time Management Tips that Work for All

You get up every morning with a mindset to do a lot of tasks.

You start doing some of them, and you get yourself immersed in the sea of distractions. At the end of the day, all you achieve is pent up regrets.

You know you have to be productive, manage time effectively and get things done. But you fail, you fail so miserably that you have nothing to blame for.

Can you relate to the above situation? Are you bad at managing time in a fruitful way? Then, you just found the gold mine.

Effective Time Management Tips

Time management is an art. Some people born with an innate skill in the art while some train themselves to master in it.

The following are the useful time management tips that work for all.

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#1. Learn to Prioritize

You are not a superman to finish a huge pile of jobs in a day. That’s why you should categorize your tasks into high, medium and low priorities. Focus on the ones that require the high priority. Once you finish those tasks, you can move on to jobs under other categories as well.

#2. Befriend the Word ‘NO’

Admit it! You hate saying NO. When your friend comes up with a ticket for a funny movie; you go without thinking twice despite loads of works. You can ask him to schedule the plan to another day as you have important jobs to do. And, never agree on immediate deadlines if you have jobs left to complete

#3. Focus on One Task at a Time

Multitasking is like putting both your feet on two separate boats. As they go away from each other, you will end up falling into the water. If you want to do your best, you should really focus on one job at a time.

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#4. Spend the First 30 Minutes Planning Your Day

What is the first thing you do once you wake up in the morning? Have a cup of tea? Read newspaper? Check emails?

Whatever it is, I want you to push it to the second position. You must start planning your day in the first place, instead. It won’t take more than 30 minutes, I swear.

#5. Eliminate Time Suckers


You are intelligent. You can retrospect into yourself. Of course, you can recognize the time suckers in your life.

I have no magic recipe to eliminate your bad habits! Only YOU are responsible for what happens in your life. So, List your distractions on a piece of paper and let them not ruin your purpose.

#6. Delegate Tasks

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, a government employee or an IT guy.

If you pay attention to every task you do, you will realize that others can do some of them much better. In case doing those tasks in a better way brings prosperity by any means, you can hire people. This way, you get time to focus on the core.

#7. Stay Healthy

I know you heard the saying ‘health is wealth’ a thousand times. Don’t take too much stress. Do your job in the best way you can. The result will follow.

You must not miss meals and sleep (at least for 6 hours).

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#8. Do it Right Away

‘There is tomorrow every day.’ Do you know what I mean? (Tomorrow can be prolonging).

When you have to do a job, and you think you are free, DO it right away. Postponing the job may cause issues in the future. Moreover, you can’t do your best if you work at the last moment.

#9. Set Deadlines

Deadlines run me in the best way. There may be no one to give you deadlines. But you are your boss! Set a viable time limit to complete every task. Impose penalties if you don’t cover it in time. Reward yourself once you finish a job according to the deadline.

#10. Combine Similar Tasks Together

Sometimes, you can batch similar tasks together for saving your time. Let’s say you have to write two articles; one on productivity and another one on time management. When you research for one article, you will get ideas for the second as well. In fact, it is possible for you to finish both without staggering.

On the contrary, you have to research separately for the second post as you do both at different times.

#11. Take Breaks


You are not a machine to work every time, neither are you a kid to spend all day enjoying as well.

Find time for short and long breaks while working. If you don’t take breaks, you will be tired, and the productivity scale touches the bottom too.

#12. Utilize the Waiting Time

We spend a lot of time waiting. We wait for buses, friends, colleagues and even an email to come.

Why don’t you use the waiting time to do a task that counts? You can load an ebook on your phone and read it. You can send that email to your client. And, you can even reply to messages on social media that it will not haunt you while you are working.

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You got twelve time management tips.

I know what you are going to do next. You bring your mouse pointer over that tiny ‘x’ button and click! Everything is gone! The tips, techniques, time management hacks everything!

I don’t want you to do this! Once you finish reading this, take an oath. ‘I am going to follow all these tips for the next 30 days’. If you don’t get a positive result, you can curse, blame and condemn me.

What I need is a serious try from your side, to improve your own life.

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About the Author:

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is more than a results-driven individual, who is well-versed in providing high-end technical support, optimizing sales and automating tools to stimulate productivity for businesses.


  1. Jayant 9 December , 2016 at 12:02 PM - Reply

    These tips are awesome. We all tend to work longer than we should. And there is life out there, and unfortunately, it is not waiting for us. My recipe for time management is to establish a daily limit of working hours, prepare a list of tasks, prioritize them and track time.

    • Danish Wadhwa 11 December , 2016 at 2:38 PM - Reply

      Hey Jayant,

      I am sure this hack is going to help our reader also. Planning day to day life can lead you to spend more productive hours of the day.

      I use the similar flow. Additionally, I prepare my to-do list one day prior and try to avoid the occasional task.

      Thanks for you sharing your Time Management hack with all of us here.


  2. Md Sakil Ansari 10 December , 2016 at 8:39 PM - Reply

    Hey Danish, this is a great post about time management tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • Danish Wadhwa 11 December , 2016 at 2:28 PM - Reply

      You are Welcome Sakil.

      Happy that you liked the post. My favorite time manage hack is to do one task at a time, like currently, I am replying to all blog comments 🙂 Which I do 30 minutes a day.

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