11 Proven ways to improve Productivity

Productivity, productivity, productivity!

Wherever you go, productivity plays a significant role in the way you carry out every task and how instantly you accomplish it.

Whether you are at home or office, you should find ways to improve productivity!

In simple words, productivity is a way of assessing individual’s efficiency, by the way, any person prioritizes particular task and explores innovative ways to accomplish it successfully.

So, are you exploring ways to be more productive? You are at right place. Don’t worry; I have handpicked some great ideas to increase Productivity at work.

My main aim to start fly.biz was not to just write a blog on Productivity but make myself productive at work and teach people same

I believe after reading this complete article you will master on How to improve efficiency at work.

Ways to Improve Productivity

These points are not just picked up from the web and mention it here, but many of them are tried and tested ways to improve Productivity.

1. Prioritize & Set Goals

Want to know the key that leads you to efficiency? Get up and start by writing your “to do list.” Just as there is, ‘Inverted Pyramid Style for creating a news story,’ start by writing the most important tasks on the top followed by the least important ones at the bottom.

It will help you to prioritize between urgent and important assignments, and you can track your daily activity, concentrate on the main tasks and will be able to meet your deadlines before time.

If you find difficult to write down your every work on paper or manage your to-do list, it’s good to use some online tool like Todist, Wunderlist, etc. to note all tasks and prioritize as per urgency.

I have mentioned many other cloud task management apps below in this article, or you can check the Productivity Apps that will help in increasing productivity at work.

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2. Stop Multitasking

Although multitasking is a great way to enhance your efficiency, as they say, the excess of everything is bad. So, in a similar way, if you do multiple things at one time, there are chances that you fail in accomplishing your objectives.

It is imperative that you focus on one task at a time and always follow the thumb rule to quit multiple tasking.  

It has been seen many people do a lot of hard work and most of their time goes in multi-tasking which eventually make them unproductive at a workplace. 

Doing one task at a time is the best way to increase Productivity

Earlier most of my day goes in doing multiple things and at the end of day i use to realize that most of my important tasks are of the day are still pending.

By prioritizing my work now I tend to do one task at a time, and I have seen a lot of improvement in my workflow and achievements. 

3. Hop on Productivity Tools

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition? I am sure; everyone wants to be in good books.

Being productive is not that easy, you have to prove it with consistency and achieving goals.

So it is always good to take some external help, and some useful tool will be the best way to improve productivity

So, here is few cloud-based software that keeps a check on how productive are you!


Trello: Build kanban system which allows working professionals and organizations to prioritize, organize projects and set goals in a flexible way. It further facilitates in getting your work done collaboratively.  


Boomerang: It is another tool that lets you schedule emails and follow-up reminders to be sent later to your business partners, employees and target clients.


Rescue Time: It’s one of the best Time Management Tool that helps to track your productivity by alerting you about the time that you spent on a given project, apps or website.

It observes everything and tracks time that you have devoted to a particular assignment, project, Mobile Apps or the sites that you frequently browse and will give you a detailed report.

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Gsuite is from the Google Family, It is a bundle of apps for communication, collaboration, organize, store and share. The most widely used app is Gmail which has been using from a decade now.

I am sure it will allows you to do all possible things that you have not figured out yet and improve effectiveness at work.

If you are new to Google Suite i recommend you to check this:


GSuite Free Trial

4. Stay Away From Distractions

If you want to be more productive, then turn off regular interruptions like email or voicemail pop-ups or notification messages to be more focused and goal oriented.

To increase productivity, activate the flight mode in your mobile or system to avoid unwanted disruption in your work. Note: Mobile Notifications are the biggest distractions while working.

5. Break The Monotony

Doing regular work every day decreases your productivity. So, cut down the similar work that you regularly do and pick different work every day to improve your efficiency.

If you can not avoid the daily routine tasks, I recommend you to find appropriate tools for it for automation.

Besides, it is very necessary to take short breaks in between to maximize your speed and productivity.

6. Binge on Healthy Foods

For mental as well as physical well-being, it is imperative that you eat nutritious food and keep yourself the hydrated whole day.

Good food not only stimulates your brain power but keeps you happy, healthy, stress-free and lets you work impeccably.

Yes, Believe me healthy eating can genuinely increase your productivity at work.

Even I am trying to follow it as my regular job because I got convinced after reading this article: The Morning meals Impact on Productivity.

7. Recognize & Reward

To grow your business and to build your better relations with clients and target customers, it’s essential that organizations must recognize the efforts, encourage, influence and reward their people.

It will help increase productivity, and people can perform even better every day.

Always remember, one word of “Appreciation” not only keep people around you delighted but raises their productivity too.

8. Work Together

There is never one individual behind a particular project’s success.

It’s always the team that works behind the scenes to make it a success. And, that is why is teamwork increase productivity at work.

Help your co-workers, learn new things every day and work collaboratively to accomplish your targets.

I have figured out hanging some teamwork & motivational posters at your workplace will be a great help. You can check some great motivational posters for office from here.

9. Embrace New Ways

You’ve to adapt new ways to be creative and ingenious in your approach to work strategically so as to achieve your targets before time.

You only grow when you’re responsive in adopting new learning methods to create quality work.

So make sure you are adapting new techniques to be productive and make it a habit.

10. When in Doubt, Take Help

It’s good to indulge in brainstorming sessions with your co-workers, teams, and even seniors, who can give you the right solution for any problem that you might be going through.

Even, social media groups such as Facebook, Linkedin, GooglePlus, Instagram, or even SurveyMonkey can support in creating online polls, surveys or create videos to interact with the experts directly.

It will help you take a wise decision and hence will save a lot of time in doing unwanted things.

11. Organize Your Work Area

Messy workplace along with necessary office accessories not only decreases the levels of productivity but it also makes you lethargic and inefficient in carrying out daily tasks.

Hence, it’s very imperative to keep your desk and workplace spick and span so as to be more productive, efficient and focused towards your goals.

want to be stress-free, it’s best to tweak your strategy to raise productivity levels of your team. Just, change your usual routine @ work and start your day by following the ways as mentioned above to increase productivity.

If you are an Entrepreneur,  I recommend you to apply the above productivity hacks at your office to find increased worker productivity.

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