What are GMail Labels and How to use it Effectively

Are you getting a lot of emails in your Gmail Labels? 

I am sure, every time you see your mailbox, you may be feeling little distracted with plenty of email messages. 

But, not to worry, you can organize Gmail Inbox with labels. 

To work flexibly and manage your messages entirely, setting up labels is one the best ways to arrange your Gmail Inbox.

What are Gmail Labels?

Labels within the Gmail Inbox allows individuals and professionals to organize email messages into multiple categories.

By applying labels to messages, you can identify important messages quickly. 

Labels are somewhat similar to a Gmail folders, but in this, you can apply more than one label to a single message.

You can move your emails into labels by drag and drop option or select the emails, click on “Move to” and choose the label name.

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How to Organize Gmail Labels?

#1 How to Create Labels in Gmail

There are two ways to create labels in Gmail:

  • Check more link under labels on left sidebar of your inbox
  • Click on “more” under the list of labels in your Gmail.
  • Select “Create new label”, a pop-up box will appear
  • Enter the name of the label
  • Click Create

how to create new label

Create a label by going directly to the settings, click on the labels and select “Create new label.”

create new label in Gmail Inbox

#2 How to Apply Labels

For applying a label, select the message in the list or open it.

After selecting a message, a label icon will pop up.

Click on it and choose the name of the label that you want to apply to your email messages.

After applying the label, it will show on your selected email messages in the inbox,

Now you can easily identify the messages with the name of the label.

How to create label from Gmail Inbox

#3 Move a message to Label

Through this option, you can move your message into existing label or move into a new label.

  • Open an email in your inbox, “Move to” icon will pop up
  • Click on the Move to icon; labels list will appear
  • For moving the message into the existing label, choose the label name from the list.
  • Or you can click on the “create new” option.

How to move a message into label


#4 How to apply colorful gmail labels

  • Click on the down arrow next to the label name; a small window will appear
  • Click on label color
  • Now, you can choose the color that you want to apply on the label.

How to add colorful labels

Note: If you want to apply the different color on the background and text of the label, click on “Add custom color” and Click Apply.

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#5 Create sub-labels

To create a sub-label under the main Label

  • Click “more” to the list of labels in your Gmail.
  • Select “Create new label”, a small box will appear
  • Enter the name of the label and nested label
  • Click “Create.”
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How to create nest label

#6 How to edit labels

You can modify a tag / label through both the label list or the label tabs of your Gmail settings.

To edit a label from your Gmail list:

  • In Gmail, on the left side of the page, hover your cursor on label’s name.
  • Click the Down arrow
  • Choose edit and make change in label
  • Click Save

how to edit label


To edit a label through label tab of your Gmail settings:

  • Open the settings
  • Select labels
  • Click on the label name; a cursor will appear that allow you to edit the current label

edit a label through Gmail settings



#7 How to remove labels from Inbox

  • Open Gmail and hover over Label’s name
  • Click Down Arrow
  • Choose Remove label; a small window will appear
  • Click “Delete.”

How to remove a label from Gmail Inbox

#8 Create filter with labels

Gmail contains filtering option that allows individuals to apply rules automatically to specific addresses, subject, and a particular keyword.

  • Open Gmail
  • Click search box at the top, Click down arrow
  • Enter your search criteria
  • Click on“Create filter with this search.”
  • Click to the left of the “Apply the label” and choose label name
  • Now you can Create filter

How to create filters with labels


Note: You can further create Gmail Label Rules to create filter.

I have tried to cover maximum in it, still if you want to explore more i recommend you to read this article from wiki how: How to manage Labels in Gmail.


All I can say is “Labels” effectively organize Gmail Inbox and lets you work without any distraction.

Labels are just like folders, but not exactly folders.You can create it on the incoming email messages of different types.

You can create it on the incoming email messages of different types.

You can create colorful labels for personal and official Emails, social media updates, and on regular promotional messages. 

It is a very powerful feature in Gmail that helps you to sort and manage your Gmail inbox efficiently. Even, it helps 

Even, it will help your individuals to find messages quickly with an accurate label.   

Explore this fantastic feature in your Gmail and start applying these simple tricks and hacks for managing your messy Inbox.

Still Confused with some questions in mind, do share them in the comment section below. I will try my best to answer them all for you.

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  1. Ellen Butler 27 February , 2017 at 11:59 PM - Reply

    Hi! I’m trying to do some research on WHY my nesting labels do not appear on the left sidebar beneath the main label name. There’s nothing on the drop down arrow. Under Settings/Labels, the nested label appear beneath the main label BUT there’s no option to “show” it on the sidebar. The option to “show” it in the message list is there, however.

    I read one article in which the problem seemed to be related to the questioner’s theme. So I changed my theme and refreshed the page…no change. I still can’t see the nested labels on the sidebar. I can see them colored in the message list.

    Do you have any suggestions or any idea why I can’t see nested labels on my sidebar?

    • Danish Wadhwa 10 May , 2017 at 2:35 PM - Reply

      Hello Ellen,

      Seems you have explored the world of Gmail Labels. As per my knowledge, the labels are explicitly displayed the left sidebar of Gmail by default and still you can go to Settings > Labels to dhow up the hidden labels.

      Coming to your exact question the nested labels are automatically shown in the sidebar, it may be a case with you that all your nested labels are hidden, in that case, you need to go to settings > Labels and show them up.

      I hope this solves your problem, still let me know if you have any concerns related to GSuite I will be more than happy to address them all.

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