What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Have you ever used Google Drive? If not, then find out What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Just like its competitors OneDrive and DropBox, Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud-based storage services from Google family.

It allows you to integrate your Gmail with Drive, lets you create, store, share and sync different type of files without any hassles. All you need is a Google Account to get started with a Google Drive.

If you are not aware of Google Drive, I recommend you to read: How to Create, Edit and Use Google Docs.

Before moving further let me convince you by expressing some of its benefits.

Benefits of Google Drive

  • 15GB of free Google Storage on Cloud
  • Create, Store and Share a different kind of files (Documents, Sheets, Slides, Audio & Video Files and even Photos)
  • Organize and access files from any device with an internet accessibility.
  • You don’t need to worry about your data as whatever you create, store or share remains on Google Drive.
  • It automatically saves your information in the Google servers which are more secure.
  • You can create new folders, share files or folders with your team and collaborate with them in the real time.
  • It secures your data and depending on your requirements; you can also buy a bigger storage plan.
  • Lets you open and edit your important files while on the go i.e. on mobiles.
  • Easily accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

How to access Google Drive?

  • To access Google Drive, you need to have Google account.
  • If you don’t have one, get a Google Account first.
  • After signing up, you can easily access Google Drive.
  • Download Google drive as a desktop application if you want offline access.

Sign in Google Account


How to use Google Drive in 10 simple steps

1. How to get started with Google Drive

Sign in with your Google Account and access the Drive by going to https://drive.google.com in your web browser.

You can also navigate from your Gmail Account by clicking on Google Apps symbol.




2. How to add a file in Drive

You can upload your file from the desktop or create a new folder from your Drive by clicking the new button.

When you click on the new button, a small pop-up window will appear that will give you different options like:

  • Folder
  • File upload
  • Folder upload
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

Note: Click on More to access Google Forms, Google Drawings, and Google My Maps

  Access Folder in Google Drive


3. How to change the File display

You can create, upload and share files in Google Drive and per your requirement, you can modify or adjust the view of your Drive.

You can view files in a grid or a list view.

If you want to see files in large icons, then you can select grid mode as it allows you to search the file or a folder in a seamless way.

The screenshot is explaining to change the file display in the Drive.

  How to change display

4. How to search File

Users can search files in Google Drive by just typing keywords in the search box tab.

If you are not able to find the particular file, then you can also search with advanced search options, wherein you can create a filter like:

  • Domain
  • Type
  • Date modified
  • Item name
  • Have the words
  • Owner
  • Shared with
  • Located in


5. How to Share a File

Select any docs, sheets, slides or folder that you want to share and click the Share button located at the upper right corner.

When you do it, a small notification box will pop up wherein you can enter the name or email address of the person with whom you would like to share the file.

Also, you can share the file with multiple individuals and email addresses.

After filling the name and email address, another box will pop up wherein; you can write a brief note.

You can also authorize the person to do the following changes in the shared file:

  • Can edit
  • Can comment
  • Can view

After selecting these options, you can click on Done to finally share the file.


Share file on Google Drive

6. How to share a link to a file

You can share your file by providing a link to your document or a folder.

A link can be URL or web address of the file that you want to share.

  • Open your file, click the “share” button
  • A notification window will pop up. Click on Get shareable link

Shareable link


  • Click copy link; your link will be copied to the clipboard, and now you can paste the link in an email message.
  • When your message is ready to be send, click on Done.copy link on Google Drive


7. Change link sharing settings

Google Drive lets you restrict the access of your file link to the public or the selected number of people.

share link on Google Drive

 8. How to delete File

  • Select the file that you want to delete.
  • Click on the Remove tab.


remove file

9. How to restore deleted Files

In case, you delete any file by mistake then you can also restore the deleted file. See how you can restore the deleted file:

  • Go to the side panel of the Drive and click once on Trash option. Now, you will be able to see the deleted files.

restore file from trash

  • The next step to restore the deleted file is to select the file you want to restore and click right. After that, two options will pop up.  You can click on restore to recover your file from trash, or you can click on delete forever to delete your file permanently.

restore file from Google Docs


10. Star important files and folder

Star important files or folders to find them quickly, just right-click on a file and folder and select add star.

To see your all starred files, click on the starred option.

add star on file


Google Drive Shortcuts
   shift+f    To create a new folder
   shift+t    To create a new  document
   shift+p    For new presentation
   shift+s    To create a spreadsheet
   shift+o    To create a forum
   shift+d      Create drawing
   Ctrl+z     Undo
   Ctrl+shift+z     Redo
    /     Navigate to the search box
       n  Rename the selected items
       p  Preview selected files or folders
      s  Star/unstar the  files
       .  Share selected files or folders
      v  Toggle between grid and list view
      #   Remove the selected item
      t   Open the settings
     c    To open the “New” option



You can do numerous things with Google Drive. From creating, uploading, sharing Docs to chatting while collaborating with your team in the real time, you can save and secure your data without even worrying about losing data due to power cuts or a system crash.

Even while sharing files or folders with others in a team, you are authorized to grant permission to individuals to edit, view or suggest changes in the documents.

Apart from individuals, Google Drive also gives complete transparency to organizations to work in a systematic way.

Google bundle all these Apps for Business in a package named: GSuite. You can have mail service on your Domain Name with 30GB GDrive Storage.

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I hope you understand How does google drive work. Still, If you have any questions related to Google Drive, ask them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to answer them all.

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